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How long will the Gethin 1971 Monza record last ?

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#1 FEV

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Posted 16 September 2001 - 17:09

Have you seen Montoya's average speed today ? 239kph. Without pit stops it would have been faster than Peter Gethin's 242,615 kph record of 1971 at this same Monza track. And of course there were no chicanes back then. F1 has really made incredible progress this year - 3 seconds off since last year on most of the tracks ! How far can this go ?


#2 Keir

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Posted 16 September 2001 - 18:31

Gethin is safe as long as the chicanes remain.

#3 FEV

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Posted 16 September 2001 - 19:12

And the as long as the pitstops remain !

#4 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 16 September 2001 - 21:32

That nice Mr. Ecclestone says that the first 2 chicanes at Monza should be removed; if they are, watch out for low flying F1 cars at the Curva Grande next year!

More realistically, I can see changes being made to the first one, which could make it somewhat quicker and then Gethin's record will go next year.

#5 jrosenzweig

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Posted 17 September 2001 - 10:39

Wow this is my first post in ages! I think it is quite fesible for the first chicane to disappear, however the point is the cars will be going very fast in the Curva Grande. This scenario will be like the Tamburello and we know what has happened to that great corner :(

A fast chicane might be the possible answer however this will reduce overtaking there, and... i hope this doesn't happen, but i wouldn't be surprised if a s-bend type chicane is installed in the Curva Grande :mad: like the Tamburello. Sorry for even mentioning the thought...

My answer would be to slow the cars to 200mph, whether this is through engine changes who knows. Nascar runs a restrictor plate maybe that would work but again, who knows. Its a pity Monza has to suffer because of modern F1.