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When does a topic earn the label 'nostalgic'?

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#1 Nustang70

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Posted 21 September 2001 - 10:12

Unfortunately, I did not discover Formula One until the 1999 season. Therefore, I tend to steer clear of TNF for lack of...nostalgia. Is it appropriate to reminisce topics such as Frentzen's pole at the Nurburgring in 1999? Has Frentzen even gained admittance into the realm of TNF threads yet? Just curious. :)


#2 Vitesse2

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Posted 21 September 2001 - 10:49

Like they say, "Nostalgia ain't what it used to be" ...

But seriously, I did a BB search and found 42 TNF threads which mention Frentzen (including this one of course). Personally, my view of Nostalgia is anything that happened before the current season, although you'll find that the main focus of interest here covers the period from the thirties to the seventies, mainly, I suppose, because most of us are over "a certain age".

However, I think what we're providing here could be described as background to the current scene - many of us saw Stewart, Lauda, Clark and the rest racing "in the flesh". To some "F1 fans" today Jackie Stewart is "that bloke who started the team that became Jaguar" and Niki Lauda is "the bloke who runs Jaguar". You'll find we're purists (some might, unkindly, say elitists) but because we see the sport through its history I think we have a more balanced and mature view than you'll find in (say) Readers Comments. A "modern" view is always welcome though - it's true to say that some of our number no longer watch F1, so reports from the battlefront can often be valuable.

I think a good analogy here is the current classic car scene - who among us would have thought at the time that a Mk2 Cortina or a Morris 1100 would ever be considered a classic? Cortinas were disparagingly referred to as "Dagenham dustbins" and the 1100 was seen as an old man's car ....

So, Nustang, stick around, read the threads, post if you want (you won't get flamed, just gently corrected if you're "wrong") and do ask questions ...

#3 king_crud

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Posted 21 September 2001 - 11:48

Well I'm a follower of the 80s & 90s so anything nostalgic from then I'd be right into, although i do find it hard to be nostalgic about drivers who are still racing. But share your thoughts, we're all listening

#4 Nustang70

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Posted 22 September 2001 - 02:34

:) thanks.

and vitesse2, thanks for the research about Frentzen and TNF. :)

#5 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 22 September 2001 - 04:27

Nearly two years ago when this forum was created, the term "nostalgia" was not intended to be the name of the forum. However, as Bira, DD, and I bantered about various suggestions we seemed to be dancing around the major focus of this forum-to-be: nostalgia, looking back, historic perspective, and research.

So, being the very perspective lady she is, Bira dubbed it "The Nostalgia Forum" and that was that. Although a bit dubious at the beginning, I think it fits the bill -- although I really need to change the blurb on the BB index to reflect what is truly is.

As to when "nostalgia" begins, my personal view is that it has to be removed from the current scene and there be some space between "then" and "now" for reflection and pondering. Generally, this is a minimum of "most" of a decade, at least to me. However, several decades is more like it.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with an occasional thread from the "present" -- that is, something concerning how the points system evolved, or this or that. There are some threads on the RC which could just as easily be posted here.

We are quite liberal in our definition of what could be posted here and eclectic in out discussion topics. Indeed, "F1" is not really even the staple here if you look over the topics we have discussed over just the past several months.

As Vitesse points out, I could never imagine my clapped out '56 Porsche Speedster ever being worth much, nor comprehend that my Olds 4-4-2 would be remotely considered a "classic" -- or that folks would pay large sums of money for Austin Healey 3000s....which I used to work on and curse as Britain's Revenge on America....or was that the Sprite/Midget? -- which required a pan to be placed under the block each nite to catch the oil which"seeped" out and which could then be recycled? Sorta like the Soldier in White in Catch-22.