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USGP/ESPN Did I miss something?

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#1 Big Jim

Big Jim
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Posted 02 October 2001 - 18:37

I had to go to work just as ABC's coverage of the USGP started. Caught the highlights on ESPN Sportscenter. The way ESPN explained it, late in the race, Rubens come out of the pits just ahead of Mika only to blow up two laps from the end to hand the win to Mika. Did anyone else pick up on this or did I miss something?
I'm glad that I taped the race because it was nothing like that. Pretty interesting race although the feed ABC got was very unco-ordinated. Too much flipping from one view to another and neither related to each other.


#2 mhferrari

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Posted 03 October 2001 - 00:28

Mika was ahead after Rubens' second pit, and lost his engine in the second position.