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Good article about the real Nurburgring

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#1 Frank Grimes

Frank Grimes
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Posted 12 October 2001 - 16:57

http://www.boston.co...ur_fears .shtml

About a week ago in traffic I was behind a kid in late 90's M3. He had a sticker of the 'ring on his back window. Me thinks he might have been lucky enough to take european delivery of his car and really have some fun. Who here has driven it?


#2 Drinky

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Posted 12 October 2001 - 18:34

Well, apart from the atrocious misspelling of the name (Neuerburgring? Where's that?), a decent article. Not sure whether F1 cars ever went side-by-side through Karusell though, I think it's way too narrow for that. I haven't driven it in real-life yet (but I have extensive experience of the track in its GPL recreation ;)), but I live relatively nearby so it's only a matter of time...

#3 fines

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Posted 13 October 2001 - 11:36

Neuerburg is a small town just a few miles from here, my brother went to school there! I never knew they had a racing circuit, but thinking about it, yes, you could build a circuit around some of the streets, if a bit narrow. But I don't think the Neuerburgring could've shaded the famous neighbour to the East...

#4 leegle

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Posted 16 October 2001 - 23:39

Two F1 cars side by side? :rolleyes: Yeah! Who could think of a driver slow enough to be passed on the outside while he took the good line round the banking? :confused: Sensational newspaper reports can be fun.;)