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Patsy Burt

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#1 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
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Posted 13 October 2001 - 12:36

Noticed this on the obituary pages of the Times - might be of interest to some of you:


#2 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 13 October 2001 - 19:48

Very sad. How I remember that light blue Cooper!

I love this sentence from the obituary Richie mentioned:

"Her death notice read that she “regrets that with 73 laps completed she has had to retire with technical problems”.

#3 schuy

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Posted 13 October 2001 - 19:54

hmmm, this is very sad.
i have only just heard of her.
this really is awful.
a very nice quote!

liran biderman.

#4 UAtkins

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Posted 13 October 2001 - 23:22

What a great quote: Just found an article from Autosport March 22, 1957:

Portrait Gallery

Mis Patricia Burt is the girl who broke Joan Gerard's eight-year-old ladies' record at Brighton in September last, using Rob Walker's Formula 1 G.P. Connaught to pare a vital .34 sec. off the old figure for the famous seaside kilometre. By this achievement, plus her spirited racing in a very lively Aston Martin DB2/4, Miss Burt gives promise of becoming a kind of modern Kay Petre or Doreen Evans, and the similarity is enhanced by the neat blue ensemble favoured by all three. Coming from a keen racing family-her father, Eric Burt, used to race a unique saloon Frazer-Nash in the late '20s-Patsy began her competition career in rallies, until she was persuaded how wasteful it was to squander Aston potency on such things alone. Her first sprint was at Ramsgate in 1954; her second was a Brands Hatch-and she won her first "first" in the ladies' class. At Goodwood early in 1955 she came second to Pat Moss's M.G. TF in the ladies' handicap, and her activities next widened to include hill-climbs, the impeccable blue A.M. and its impeccable blue-clad owner featuring in many an awards list.

1956 was much the same, until an exces de zele (sorry no accents) with the throttle foot at a club Silverstone put windows in the Aston's crankcase. While Rob Walker's merry men at Dorking were mending it, borrowed drives in a 300SL Mercedes and Tony Everard's Cooper-Aston Martin were good experience. But now, however, handicappers hardened their hearts-as handicappers will- and at the August Crystal Palace meeting Patsy blared heartily round from scratch, setting fastest lap to achieve-just sixth place. But Brighton followed-and Brighton was much better, with a second to Tommy Atkins's 300SL in the Aston, and that new ladies' record with the Connaught. And this year? She has acquired an 1,100 c.c. Cooper-Climax, ex-Les Leston, which will, of course, be sprayed Burt pale blue, and which should give her many future successes.

A very special lady...I happened have the article as it mentions my Dad. In the August 31, 1956 Autosport they talk about her record drive as follows:

Unobtrusively efficient was Patsy Burt's run in Rob Walker's blue Grand Prix Connaught--a car simply glistening after repairs following Reg Parnell's unfortunate crash at Crystal Palace. A neat start, but fearless use of the throttle foot as the car shot away; 25.46 secs. later and she was crossing the finish line and Joan Gerard's 1948 record with the E.R.A. had gone at last.