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Atlas Voting Championship 2002: Australia

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#51 Grano

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Posted 04 March 2002 - 14:21

Topdrive: Mark Webber

Runner ups: Kimi Räikkönen, M. Schumacher
Quality of Race: 8


Schumacher did what was to be expected of him, nothing more nothing less. Great fight with Montoya though! Sucks to see that last years Ferrari is the best car ): I´d like to see fighting for the WDC.

Räikkönen lost out on topdrive by not being agressive enough when he caught up to Montoya. I guess he´ll do better next time now that he has his first podium!


#52 RAD

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Posted 04 March 2002 - 18:03

:eek: sorry Mak! I vote for Msch. Salo would have gotten a vote had he not spun.

#53 pfa

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Posted 04 March 2002 - 18:28

1. M Schumacher

R/U Montoya and Kimi



#54 Makarias

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Posted 06 March 2002 - 00:03

More votes are very welcome!

Perhaps I should mention a few new policies I have this year:

-I will only accept votes with three driver names in it. I just like the format to be followed, and it also makes sure that people just don't drop in and vote just for their fave driver but also has to go through the torture of praising other ones...

-I was pretty tightass with the clearness of top drive last year. Now I'll count a driver's name as top drive by default as long as it's the first driver mentioned, and on a line on its own.

-I won't accept votes that I'll consider as pranks, ie votes for drivers who did genuinely poor races. This is of course a bit up to interpretation, but it will have to be pretty extreme stuff for me to react.

#55 Makarias

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Posted 09 March 2002 - 00:24

Just a reminder that the voting is still open... It will close Monday evening, CET.

#56 Makarias

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Posted 11 March 2002 - 19:55


Results will be up within a few hours.