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Guess the Podium: Brazil results!

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#1 Schummy

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Posted 31 March 2002 - 21:46

These are the "official" :rolleyes: results from Brazil:

fisichella_2001 6
Viss1 4
Estwald 4
AD 4
gerry nassar 4
ExcessIsBest 4
Makarias 4
dynamite7 4
sek 4
KaVkAzI 3
Ghostrider 3
CaptnMark 3
Ric Bol 3
LB 3
smarty 3
JensonFan 3
SeanValen 3
alain 3
scheivlak 3
garth_b 2
DeathMasterR 2
Hi Test 2
The Sleeper 2
Schuting Star 2
skylark68 2
Zawed 1
TT6 1
luckywill 1
mach4 0

(Please, if you see any error or doubt in this scoring table, post it in this thread)

Congratulations to fisichella_2001 who generously renounced to guess a podium for his/her driver Giancarlo and very cleverly got the MAXIMUM score!! Bravo! :clap:

Nobody else got right first and second in Brazil (5 points)

Nine of the rest got 4 points (winner and another point), what is a good score. Our bot MAX is in this advanced group of "four-pointers"

The other bot, BERNIE did a middle level guess getting 3 points jointly with another 12 players.

The rest 11 got less score than MAX&BERNIE and then they will get to take a pie in the face ;) :) Although, without a doubt, if I had done a guess I would be in this last group!

(I have to admit that I have not put a guess simply because I forgot to do it!! :eek: :blush: )

People, in general, has beend hindered by Juan Pablo antics, as 29 out of 31 (94%) had guessed him in the podium, and 17 (55%) guessed JPM would win in Brazil. Second in pre race guesses was no other than Michael with 24 (77%) and 11 (35%) mentions to podium and win. He was lucky with JPM's incident and with poor Rubinho bad luck. Last, and in this case least, is Ralf, who was mentioned 17 (55%) for podium and NO ONE for win. Actually he was close to winning! Pre race guesses had Coulthard as 4th man, 10 (32%) for podium, 1 (3%) for win.

Collectively, the people guessed formidably well: the first fav, Montoya, was quasi-eliminated in an incident, and the numbers 2, 3 and 4 in guesses finished in the three first position! Brillant, I suppose. :cool:

Thanks so much to everyone :love: and I hope we will meet again in two weeks time! :wave:


#2 Schummy

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Posted 31 March 2002 - 21:50

A last clarification: I have ordered the list putting first the older guesses when equal in points. But it is just to write that list, it is not an "official" tie-breaker.

Best regards for all.

#3 JensonFan

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Posted 31 March 2002 - 21:53

Thanks :up:

#4 dynamite7

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Posted 01 April 2002 - 00:47

thank you :)

#5 LB

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Posted 01 April 2002 - 02:02

I think there is a slight problem with the scoring in that if you correctly guess third you only get a point but if you correctly guess first you get 3... same for everyone I suppose - quite happy with my three anyway :)

#6 SeanValen

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Posted 01 April 2002 - 21:03

Thank you, great competition, very enjoyable. :up:

#7 Schummy

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Posted 02 April 2002 - 06:47

Thanks JensonFan, dinamite7, LB, SeanValen :)

I have been thinking about the final prize when we finish the season. I have talking to Walkinshow and the three firsts will have a ride in the three-seat Arrows, the first classified will drive. The test will be in the new Montecarlo oval track (first corner will be Rascasse widened and banked, last corner will be around casino square)

I also thought about a test drive with Minardi, but Stoddard didn't want to embarrass Alex.


#8 Ric Bol

Ric Bol
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Posted 02 April 2002 - 22:01

3, ok!!!! :eek: