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Formula 3 championship in Denmark?

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#1 Emulman

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Posted 23 July 2002 - 12:04

:confused: Checking my AUTOSPRINT collection, i have read of a F.3 championship in Denmark won by Jack Nelleman in 1976, but i haven't no information about this championship: was it ran also in the previous years and after 1976? if yes, can you send me the races of this championship? thanks! :confused:


#2 Rob29

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Posted 23 July 2002 - 16:38

My records indicate on one meeting in this championship in 1976-Oct 3 Jyllandring-15laps. In '75 Danish GP-Aug 3-Djurslandring was part of the European championship.

#3 fines

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Posted 24 July 2002 - 15:38

Denish F3 Championship? Hm, not much, but here are the champions (from Wolfgang Neumayer, Formel 3 Guide):

1949 Kaj Hansen, Cooper/JAP T7
1950 Robert Nellemann, Silver Bird/JAP
1951 Robert Nellemann, Silver Bird/JAP
1952 no championship
1953 Robert Nellemann, Silver Bird/JAP
1954 Robert Nellemann, Cooper/JAP
1955 Robert Nellemann, Silver Bird/JAP
1956 Poul Rasmussen, Cooper/Norton T36
1957 Gunnar Henriksen, Cooper/Norton T36
1958 Poul Rasmussen, Cooper/Norton T42
1959 Poul Rasmussen, Cooper/Norton T42
1960 Robert Nellemann, Cooper/Norton T42
1961 Poul Andersen, Cooper/Norton T42
1962 Jens Winther, Cooper/Norton T42
1963 Robert Nellemann, ?
1964 Robert Nellemann, ?
1965 Robert Nellemann, ?
1966-1975 no championship
1976 Jac Nelleman, Van Diemen/Ford 376
1977 Jac nelleman, Chevron/Toyota B38

Formula Junior:
1960 Joerges Bagger, Lola/Ford Mk 2
1961 Joerges Bagger, Lola/Ford Mk 2
1962 Hartvig Conradsen, Cooper/BMC T59
1963 Jens-Christian Legarth, Lotus/Ford 22
1964 Hartvig Conradsen, Cooper/BMC T72
1965 Jörgen Ellekaer, Brabham/Ford BT15
1966 Ole Veljund, Brabham/Ford BT18

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Posted 10 October 2002 - 01:55

Hi and thanks for the question - this is my first reply!

Here's a short, translated recap of the 1976 season from Motorsporten årbog 1976/1977 - a long gone yearly publication.

1976 Formula 3 Championship

On paper the Danish formula 3 contingent seems overwhelming: at least 8 drivers.
But in practicality it was a completely different story. Just half of those had the means and possibilities to handle the required programme. It is not that easy to make it work in this international motor racing class.
The experienced drivers with top notch equipment all had a chance to take the laurels at the last of the three rounds counting for the championship.
But nerves of steel decided the outcome. Jac Nellemann kept out of an over ambitious out braking manoeuvre 100 metres into the race by Thorkild Thyrring. Ole Vejlund didn’t and Henrik Spellerberg received a 1 Minute penalty for a jump start – and thus Jac Nellemann was yet again crowned Danish Champion.

1 Jac Nellemann Van Diemen Modus-Toyota 0+6+6=12
2 Henrik Spellerberg Van Diemen Ford 6+2+3=11
3 John Nielsen Van Diemen Ford 3+3+4=10
4 Thorkild Thyrring Ralt Ford 4+4+0= 8
5 Jan T. Pedersen Royale Ford 2+0+0= 2
6 Ole Vejlund Ralt Ford 0+1+0= 1
6 Søren P. Hansen GDR Ford 1+0+0= 1

Round 1: June 5th, 1976 at ? (but not in Denmark)
Round 2: September 5th, 1976 at Jyllands Ringen
Round 3: October 3rd, 1976 at Jyllands Ringen

1 Jac Nellemann 6+6+6=18 points
2 Henrik Spellerberg 0+3+4= 7
3 John Nielsen 0+4+3= 7
4 Ole Vejlund 0+2+2= 4
5 Søren Aggerholm 0+1+1= 2
6 no further info

Round 1: April 24th, 1977 at Zolder (B)
Round 2: June 18th, 1977 at Anderstorp (S)
Round 3: August 14th, 1977 at Jyllands Ringen

Well, not much of a championship or two. The 1977 yearbook don’t even has a recap of the championship, and unfortunately there has never been a reason to write any such since! Although my knowledge about the late seventies/early eighties is sparse I don’t think any F3 races was held in Denmark until 1984 – a round of the Nordic Championship at the Jyllands Ringen. This race incidentally marked the return for Super-John Nielsen after his horrific shunt in the Monaco European F3 race earlier in the year. The result of this race? He Won!
Since then only another two or three Nordic counters has been held in Denmark.
Since 1978 the role of top-line single-seater series in Denmark has until recently been Formula Ford 2000! – in 2001 finally being challenged by Formula Renault 2000. As a final note, both classes where I believe introduced by Ole Vejlund.

Jesper O.H.