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#1 VDP

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Posted 16 September 2002 - 15:59

Whar happened to C Abate, He was a successful GT and sportscar late 50's but also a good customer for body repairng in regards with his crashes TDF indeed, Mainly of his appearances was mostly with scuderia serenissima but after ????



#2 Doug Nye

Doug Nye
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Posted 17 September 2002 - 08:19

Come on somebody - tell us more about Carlo Mario Abate - it's not fair to see this thread lying there with a zero beside it...  ;)


#3 KJJ

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Posted 17 September 2002 - 08:54

Well this is the information from www.silhouet.com/motorsport site

Abate, Carlo (I)
b 10/7/1932 (Turin)

1959 - Won Mille Miglia (Ferrari), with G.Balzarini
1963 - Won Targa Florio (Porsche RS62), with J.Bonnier

One of the best Ferrari 250 GTO specialists. Raced mostly for the private Italian team Scuderia Serenissima of Count Volpi, but also for Scuderia Centro Sud, Scuderia Ferrari and the Porsche AG factory team. Retired from the sport at the end of the 1963 season (his greatest year, culminating with a win at the Targa Florio on a factory Porsche, ironically one of his rare non-Italian car outings) to become the director of a clinic.

1955 - first automobile race, the Sestrieres Rally (FIAT 1100)
1957 - Italian GT 1300cc Champion, 33rd Mille Miglia (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV).
1958 - Italian Hillclimb Champion, 9th Targa Florio (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV) with Gianni Balzarini.
1959 - Italian GT Champion, Won Mille Miglia with Balzarini, 2nd Coppa Inter Europa Monza, 5th Tour de France Automobile with Balzarini, 5th + 1st GT Trento Bondone Hillclimb (Ferrari 250GT)
1960 - Won Coppa Inter-Europa Monza 3 Hours, 8th Sebring 12 Hours with Scarlatti and Serena, 8th Nürburgring 1000km with Colin Davis, 6th + 1st GT Mont Ventoux Hillclimb (Ferrari 250GT Serenissima). 2nd Freiburg Hillclimb (Maserati T60). 6th European Hillclimb Championship with 8 pts.
1961 - Won Nürburgring 500km (FIAT-Abarth 1000 Serenissima), 4th Nürburgring 1000km and 5th Paris-Montlhéry 1000km with Colin Davis (Ferrari 250GT Serenissima), Won Hockenheim Rhein Cup, 2nd Charade (Ferrari), 7th Pontedecimo Hillclimb (250GT)
1962 - Won Trophée d’Auvergne at Charade (Ferrari 250GTO Serenissima). 3rd GP Mediterraneo Enna F1, 4th Naples GP F1 (Porsche 718). DNF Reims GP F1 (Lotus 18/21-Climax)
1963 - Won Targa Florio (Porsche 718GTR) with Jo Bonnier. 2nd Tour de France Automobile (250GTO Serenissima) with Lucien Bianchi, 3rd Nürburgring 1000km (Ferrari 250TRI/61 Serenissima) with Umberto Maglio, 3rd + 1st GT3000cc Trophée d’Auvergne at Charade (250GTO Abate), 5th Sebring 12 Hours with Juan-Manuel Bordeu (250GTO Centro-Sud), 5th + 1st GT3000cc Ollon Villars Hillclimb (250GTO Serenissima), 11th + 1st GT3000cc Freiburg Hillclimb (250GTO Abate), 1st GP de Reims GT (250GTO Serenissima). 3rd GP Syracuse F1, 5th Imola GP F1 (Cooper T51-Maserati).

Another of these drivers who didn't start a World Championship race so hasn't made it into the encylopedias