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Tripoli Tobruck Race in 1940....

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#1 Bugatti bourgogne

Bugatti bourgogne
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Posted 18 September 2002 - 22:08


Is there anybody able to give some details about this race I know some results for the 1939 event............

But I wonder if the event took place in 1940 ??

Someone with the sheldon 's books may help me ?



#2 Vitesse2

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Posted 18 September 2002 - 22:18

AFAIK it did not take place, although there was certainly a Tripoli GP in 1940. I have posted an Italian racing calendar for 1940 here before and Tripoli-Tobruk doesn't feature on it.

At any event, it wouldn't be in Sheldon as it was a race for production cars.

#3 Bugatti bourgogne

Bugatti bourgogne
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Posted 18 September 2002 - 22:46

Yes you are right there was a tripoli GP in 1940.......

and here below what happened during this race !

30 laps * 13.140 km = 394.2 km, 22 starters

The people that gathered at the Mellaha track soon got something other than racing to think about. At 5 am. 10 May German airborne troops landed in Rotterdam and on the top of the Belgian fort Eben Emael. They would soon be followed across the border by 10 Panzer divisions and 63 German infantry divisions. The German attack upon Western Europe had begun.
The rumoured Mercedes entry failed to materialize. Four Works Alfas therefore faced two works Maseratis plus 14 Maserati privateers. Nuvolari was not satisfied with his Maserati and decided to remain a non-starter with Cortese taking over his car.
Farina had taken the pole position, but Villoresi took the start to lead the race from Farina, Cortese and Biondetti. On the second lap Farina took over the lead and opened up a small gap. Cortese was falling back and was passed by the Alfa Romeos of Biondetti and Trossi. On the seventh lap Farina went wide into a corner and Villoresi was back into the lead. On lap 10 Farina retook the lead and 4 laps later Villoresi dropped to third as also Biondetti passed him. On lap17 the leading cars came in for their pit stops and that definitely decided the race. The Alfa Romeo crew sent Farina back to the track after 24 seconds while Villoresi remained standing for 57 seconds. With 2/3 of the race gone Villoresi was 4th, 1:30 after Farina. During the last laps he was able to close the gap but could do nothing to hinder an Alfa Romeo triple victory. And making his debute in a Maserati 6CM, finishing 9th, was a driver that one day would make history in Formula 1 racing. His name: Alberto Ascari.

That same evening motorcycle units from general Rommel's 7th Panzer Division managed to create a bridgehead on the western bank of the river Meuse between Dinant and Houx. The way was now open for the German army into the heart of France.
1 Farina (Alfa Romeo 158) 1:54:16.4
2 Biondetti (Alfa Romeo 158) + 29.5
3 Trossi (Alfa Romeo 158) + 52.9
4 L Villoresi (Maserati) + 1:07.1
5 Cortese (Maserati) + 8:25.1
6 Pintacuda (Alfa Romeo 158) + 8:34.9


have you something about Romeo Paola ?