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Williams FW-05 Confusion

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#1 MarkWill

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Posted 01 October 2002 - 01:52


I was dilligently checking out Henri Pescarolo's history when I came upon the interesting story of the Williams team's early cars and numbering system. Can anyone trace out the history of the various FW05 chassis, and specifically can anyone clear up the mystery - was the FW05-2 an updated FW02, or was it a completely new car? It seems to me that in the early days, the Williams team must have been run very tightly to be able to have survived for so long without much success (well done, Sir Frank).

And for those with real patience, can anyone explain what brought Williams to the Iso-Marlbro IR - were they being sponsored by Iso-Rivolta, or was the car designed by them?


#2 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 01 October 2002 - 02:28

You may glean a little from here...


#3 MarkWill

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Posted 01 October 2002 - 02:49

Thanks Ray.

I already visited the 8W site, but I found the writing a bit confusing. The thread sheds a bit more light as well - but that only one of the chassis - what about FW05-2?

#4 Allen Brown

Allen Brown
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Posted 01 October 2002 - 10:10


The FW05 was a repainted Hesketh 308C and had no connection to the earlier IR/FW01/04 design. The original cars were crashed, rebuilt, crashed again and rebuilt again until the chassis identities were just a matter of opinion. I have followed Denis Jenkinson's system on my site (see FW01, FW02, FW03, FW04/1 and FW04/2).

The first FW05 was Hesketh 308C/1 with a new coat of dark blue paint. The second FW05 came from a half-completed second Hesketh 308C. The third FW05 was built from scratch by Williams. The first and third cars survive to this day but the owner of FW05/3 is adamant that it is a Hesketh 308C.