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David Purley

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#1 O Volante

O Volante
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Posted 06 October 2002 - 15:00

"Purls", that unique old-style adventurer among 1970s racing drivers, was always fond of his military background. Can somebody tell me during which years, in which unit and in what position he served in the British Army?
I seem to remember he joined the Grenadier Guards (after a clash with his father?), and because of his much mentioned parachute accident ('chute didn't open ...) the Grenadier Guards' famous Parachute Company seems to be a good guess - but had that unit (or any Grenadier Guards unit) between c. 1962-1967 a spell at Aden, where he is said to have seen action? And was he serving in rank and file, or as commissioned/non-commissioned officer?
PS: Does anybody know his full name (may help to find him in Army documents)?
Many, many thanks in advance! :)


#2 WGD706

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Posted 06 October 2002 - 15:36

There were a number of British forces that served during the Aden conflict 1964-67. Among the Parachute Companys were:
1st Battalion Parachute Regiment
3rd Bn Parachute Regiment
Independent Companies deployed from 2nd Bn Parachute Regiment
33rd Parachute Light Regiment Royal Artillery

#3 Adam F

Adam F
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Posted 06 October 2002 - 20:24

According to my notes his full name was David Charles Purley. His father, Charles Purley owned LEC Refrigeration in Bognor Regis.

Hope this helps,

#4 O Volante

O Volante
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Posted 09 October 2002 - 06:52

Many thanks! :)
... that's not too much, but we will see ...