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Gurney, Eagle and Spa in R&T

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#1 Keir

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Posted 06 October 2002 - 20:40

This month's Road & Track is a must see!!!

GURNEY, EAGLE and SPA. 'nuff said!!


#2 David M. Kane

David M. Kane
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Posted 07 October 2002 - 19:48

I like to know more about the follow-up design that was done by Tony Southgate. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day. Does anyone know
the details on this design?

#3 WGD706

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Posted 07 October 2002 - 20:14

I thought Len Terry did the design work on the F1 project and Tony Southgate designed the Eagle for Formula 5000 and Bobby Unser's Indianapolis 500-winning car in 1968?

#4 Doug Nye

Doug Nye
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Posted 07 October 2002 - 21:38

Tony was doing the magnesium monocoque car for 1969 but to cap all the other frustrations, disappointments and problems of 1968 Dan was gravely detuned about magnesium cars when poor Jo Schlesser died in that glittering white fireball at Rouen...


#5 Bernd

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Posted 07 October 2002 - 22:59

My God! After seeing that one can hardly blame him!
It would be close to impossible to put the car out once it lit up, regardless of equipment.

#6 paulb

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Posted 08 October 2002 - 00:46

Got the mag from a newstand, will read it tonight.

Now that the article in R&T is out, I can publish some photos I took of the car while in restoration at AAR and at the shakedown of the car at Willow Springs in 2001. Dan drove the car for a handful of laps at the Streets of Willow before it was sent off to Indy before the GP.

It will take me some time before I get the pics on the web though, I want to do some image editing besides going through getting a site up on Atlas. I may be able to post some video as well.

Lastly, if anyone has access to a VHS-to-digital process, please PM me. I've got a crude video from Willow that needs the amateur dirt and rocks shots taken out. The stereo sound is what makes it a keeper.