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#1 Doug Nye

Doug Nye
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Posted 11 October 2002 - 21:22

Photo just found amply demonstrates Formula 1's proper sense of perspective' on safety versus circuit aesthetics in 1962 - the wonderful Avenue at Oulton Park really looks quite threatening, forty years on, doesn't it?

http://members.atlas...Avenue copy.jpg

Ooops! Sorry about the size, don't know how that happened...



#2 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira
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Posted 11 October 2002 - 22:20

Quite threatening and also beautiful and distinctive, that is for sure !! 40 years later ...... all the tracks look the same .......... their lack of personality is just amazing IMHO.

Thanks for this great picture Doug !! :clap: is there any other one to reinforce the idea ??? :blush:


#3 ensign14

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Posted 11 October 2002 - 23:13

The second car from the left has one hell of a wing...

#4 LittleChris

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Posted 11 October 2002 - 23:25

I seem to remember as a young'un the 1970 Gold Cup Meeting being broadcast on the BBC, particularly an interview with Johen Rindt, before he hopped on a plane to open one of his racing car shows. Was this just before they cut the trees down along The Avenue ? Mind you I bet Kelvin Burt & a few others are glad they did !!

#5 David Beard

David Beard
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Posted 11 October 2002 - 23:28

Originally posted by ensign14
The second car from the left has one hell of a wing...

You're right!...strangely it seems to be mounted on the front suspension. Obviously trying to overcome a severe understeer problem?

Posted Image

But seriously...were the trees exposed like this at the time of the Paul Hawkins accident?

#6 JacnGille

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Posted 12 October 2002 - 01:01

It's amazing to see some of the ways things were done "before we knew better." I remember seeing a race at Spa back in the 60s on Speedvision. The photographers (in suit and tie!) were standing three feet off the edge of the track at Eau Rouge with only a haybale between them and hurtling race cars.

#7 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 12 October 2002 - 07:42

Thanks for that, Doug; (and also for the Seaman confirmation!)

I always get a little scared when I see film of racing from this era and before. The exposure to all manner of hazards makes me realise how 'brave/stupid/short of imagination/blind/supremely confident' (delete where inapplicable!) race drivers from those days really were.

Now, how about some identification of some of the cars in Doug's photo? I think I can see Hill and Ginther in BRMs up near the front and the car nearest the photo looks like Trevor Taylor in a Lotus 25 - but what is he doing so far back? Could be a UDT/Laystall Lotus 24 3rd up on the right and the white car with the round hole at the back reminds me of a special bodied Cooper that Ian Burgess used to drive...... In front of that and to its right looks like a Lola.

I LOVE this sort of picture!!!!!

#8 Bladrian

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Posted 12 October 2002 - 07:44

Equally frightening - the grass verge has a builtin ramp to launch you into the tree just where the really knobbly bits start ...... definitely not an area where you wanted a shunt.

#9 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 13 October 2002 - 13:36

Originally posted by Doug Nye
Posted Image

Ooops! Sorry about the size, don't know how that happened...


Size seems okay to me, Doug...

Is that Innes Ireland on the right in the BRP car?