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Nigel - Ayrton battles

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#1 glorius&victorius

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Posted 11 October 2002 - 21:50

Just wondering on one moment between these two: their last moment together in F1 racing.

Australia 92. Senna took pole there and then what happened?
At the start did he loose the lead to Mansell?

I remember Senna crashing into Mansell, 7 laps or something into the race...

What did they comment on eachothers action? Who was at fault here?

It was also McLarens last race with Honda. It was said that the McLaren Honda package came on equal footing with the 92 Williams. Mclaren was said to have a semi auto gearbox, which on certain part of the circuit could shift completely automatic?? Is this true?

Thanx! :wave:


#2 Louis Mr. F1

Louis Mr. F1
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Posted 11 October 2002 - 22:42

Senna didn't start from pole in that race, he was 2nd to Mansell on the grid. However, it was an exciting race between the 2 during those ~17 laps. On the first lap, Senna made a daring underbraking move at the end of the long straight, but ran wide, Mansell retook the lead. Then the 2 of them were trading fastest laps, and pulling away from the 3rd placed Patrese quickly.
Up until Senna got too close/braked too late at the final hairpin and ran into the back of Mansell. Well Senna claimed Mansell braked too early, while Mansell accused Senna of missing his braking point, the general consensus was Senna's fault as he was behind. After getting out of the car, Senna wanted to talk to Mansell, but Mansell just ran away into the pit. I believe that's the last time they saw each other.

The McLaren was certainly not up to the Williams, as proved from the race before. Mansell was 1 sec ahead of the McLaren in qualifying of the Japanese race. Maybe because Adelaide was a street circuit that Senna was able to make up some of the difference.

You know, these two daring drivers, even their last encounter ended in controversy. I certainly missed their sparkling performance.

#3 911

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Posted 12 October 2002 - 07:21

These two had SO many terrific battles on the track. Remember the pass Nigel put on Senna in Hungary, 1989? I have a wonderful print of this pass sitting in my living room. It's even signed by old Nige himself.