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Posted 28 January 2003 - 11:33

hey there guys,

i have only been around for a short time and my 1st race of riverside i seen on ESPN was accually the last race....riverside might have had a poor racing surface towards the end but when i sat in my living room and i relized that this was my 1st race and my last race i will ever see on TV.... and when the race was over.....i almost had tears in my eyes because it was one of the best road course races i have ever seen..... it made watkins glen and that stikes a nerve with me.... but on the other hand YOU RACE FANS...... you never forgot your roots and like to preserve the history of a fallen track..... and it could be any track, not just riverside...... and thats what makes a racefan a racefan.... i can remember the day where my hometown track got desovled yeah it was a shorttrack but it had 51 years of tradtion, but the demise of that track came when the owner jacked the prices on the food and beer i mean guys they were seeling a 12oz of beer for 4.19 in the last season.... 6.00 would get you a 12 pack... but when that track closed down..... i went there as they were dismantling the track and i had them cut a peice of guardrail and i took a chunk of pavement from the track surface and brought it home..... that chunk of asphult has been sitting on my bookcase forabout 4 years now an it going no where..... the peice of guardrail.... its hanging from my wall in my room right next to the broken camshaft...... i leave you with this thought....... i comend you guys for preserving history and i support you all the way.. good job guys!!!!!!!

scott :)