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Antonio Ascari - His July 26, 1925 Accident

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#1 James L. Kalie

James L. Kalie
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Posted 31 January 2003 - 16:25

I have read the following: The left side of his car becomes entangled in fencing at the edge of the track, "Flipping the car" and throwing him to the track. Somehow, the car run's over him before rolling over and ending up upside down in a drainage ditch. He is removed to the right side of the track via stretcher where the track management delays the dying man's removal so that he can be looked at by a track doctor. Antonio dies on the way to the hospital. Is there anyone out there that can confirm any of this? Your help is greatly appreciated.


#2 Leif Snellman

Leif Snellman
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Posted 31 January 2003 - 19:23

From Kevin Desmond's "the Man with two Shadows"

"It was at the end of the 9th kilometer, at the slightly up-hill let hand Curve of the Hostelry of Saint Eutrope, that he came to grief. Speeding out of the straight that passed the water tower. Ascari entered that alreadv slippery corner at between 110 and 120 m.p,h. As he did so, his nearside rear wheel knocked against - just grazed - one of the larger posts holding up that palisade fence - or to be more precise. his hubcap knocked against a protruding knot of a roughly hewn wooden post. the car skidded outwards and sideways - Ascari correcting too vigorously - so that the nearside rear wheel now proceeded to root up more than 60 vard, of wooden fence. which gathered underneath the car, so lockinu, the wheel. making the car go berserk, somersaulting twice crushing Ascari and finishing up a bloody wreck, its wheels in the air. in the shallow ditch separating the spectators from the track. with Ascari pinned underneath it. The slow motion description of a matter of seconds.

Struggling like a rabbit in a metal trap. poor Antonio tried to free himself from underneath his car. His right leg was almotst severed. the other leg broken, a broken arm, with severe and bloody head wounds.

His first rescuers were hopelessly slow in arriving. It is even reported that the official doctor took half an hour to arrive. Mechanics tried to bandage the leg to stop its profuse bleeding. From Antonio's lips there came a faint moaning. They laid him on a stretcher and took him to the Hostelry of Saint Eutrope. where the doctors. realizing the seriousness of the situation. ordered immediate amputation of the leg and transportation to the Piccini clinic in Paris.

Despite all his wounds Ascari jerked violently as they put him into the ambulance, with only Memini and Ramponi at hios side. At high speed the ambulace started its journey towards Paris but as they went through the town of Linas, Antonio shuddered violently - and died."

#3 Newtown

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Posted 31 January 2003 - 19:55

It's so nice to constantly read about the ineptitude of people back then when it came to racing and safety. So many drivers weren't killed by speed, or the impact of the crash but rather in the hands of the so called 'caregivers'. Makes me wonder more and more why I love the older eras of racing as much as I do. (and no, I'm not some young punk [even though I am 25] who loves to see crashes and the destruction that follows. Actually I hate crashes of any sort, all they do is remove a competitor from the race and that is one less driver to enjoy watching that afternoon) :( :down: :cry: