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1947 questions

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#1 quintin cloud

quintin cloud
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Posted 03 February 2003 - 09:14

Hi Guys

I am almost ready to release the 1947 results update on page but I have some questions that might change what I upload:

As per my normal way of setting up tables with a unoffical look at a Formula A/1 world championship with the following races as the most important Grand prixs:

Pau GP
Jersey Road Race
Indy 500 (My reason for adding indy 500 is to bring the race in line with the 1950 DWC)
Marne GP
Albi GP
Bari GP
Nice GP
Lausanne GP

Minor Races table:

European Races:

Roussillon GP
Marseille GP
Frontières GP
Nîmes GP
Challenges A.G.A.C.I.
Gransden Lodg
Bell Ville Circuit Race
Alsace GP
Ulster Trophy
Comminges GP
British Empire Trophy
Coupe du Salon

South American races:(no Race results,only info from Hans's page, If anybody can help with results please :wave: )

São Paulo GP
General Juan Perón GP
Eva Duarte Perón GP
Rosario GP
Rafaela Circuit Race
Interlagos GP
Rio de Janeiro GP
Montevideo Circuit Race
Mar del Plata GP

Other noted race:

Australian GP (Not apart of any table)

Now that's not the real problem, problem is with Voiturette's : I have always included Voiturettes and cyclecar's in my 1920's & 1930's results. Now from what I have been able pick up (Correct me if I am wrong) Voiturette racing in 1947 is the unoffical form of Formula B/2 as we all know that Formula 2 started in 1948 and went on to the mid 1980's before been renamed Formula 3000. Now the problem is should I include the Voiturette results for the last time as 1948 there is no Voiturette, and if so the Italian F2 results should the they be included :confused:

The Noted Voiurette races:

Circuito di Asti
Coupe Robert Benoist
Circuit des Ramparts
Coupe de Petites Cylindrées
Circuit de l'Albigeois
Coupe de Paris
Manx Cup
Coupe de Lyon
Prix de Léman
Coupe de l'A.G.A.C.I.

And Italian Championship races:

Circuito di Vercelli
Circuito di Caracalla
Circuito di Vigevano
Gran Premio Luigi Arcangeli
Circuito del Montenero
Circuito del Lido di Venezia

Can you guys add some idea's


#2 anjakub

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Posted 03 February 2003 - 09:23

Jersey Road Race1947

1. Parnell (Maserati) 84.52 mph
2. Chiron (Maserati)
3. Mays (ERA) 2 laps behind
4. J. Ashmore (ERA) 2 laps behind

fastest laps
race: Sommer (Maserati) 2m6,2s (91.28 mph)
practice: Bira (Maserati) 2m6,4s

#3 quintin cloud

quintin cloud
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Posted 03 February 2003 - 09:54

Thanks anjakub, I do have a complete result for the Jersey Road Race, the question is more about the tables and the contents, aswell as about the voiturette issue. :)

#4 David McKinney

David McKinney
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Posted 03 February 2003 - 11:00

For my own purposes, I tend to split events into international and national
Voiturette races in 1947 are, IIRC, a little more difficult, in that the regulations seem to differ from race to race - 1100 u/s or s/c, 2000 u/s, 2500 u/s etc. Best perhaps to regard them as voiturette races rather than FB/F2

#5 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 03 February 2003 - 15:19

The AAA Contest Board did adopt the new Grand Prix formula proposed by the CSI in 1946 -- Formula A/1 -- but modified the formula to temporarily allow the 'old' 3-litre supercharged engines although the 'official' limit was to revert to the CSI 1.5-litre limit after two or three seasons.

#6 samprosinenson

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Posted 29 August 2014 - 13:26

Hi to all!


Thanks to the Vigevano Library, I found an interesting map of the old circuit of Vigevano. Ferrari wins here in 1947... So I wrote a post on my blog about the circuit (nobody had posted nothing about before)


Here's the link: http://pilotiemotori...i-vigevano.html


hope you enjoy it