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The Enzo Ferrari Italian TV Movie

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#1 James L. Kalie

James L. Kalie
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Posted 25 February 2003 - 02:17

OK, I'll bite. To all those of you out there who saw the movie, what did you think of it? Give us your own "movie review". More importantly, did anybody tape it? I contacted the producers and I guess they have no intention of selling Video copies. What a shame, I'd like to see it.


#2 schuy

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 13:12


I only saw chapter 1, which was very good.
The filming was very high-quality.


#3 bira

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 13:49

I saw both, didn't record it though.

I don't think the movie was very accurate historically, though I guess that's what is called dramatic license; it wasn't a docudrama after all. But if you're quite familiar with Enzo's biography then some things might upset you. Overall, I personally felt they were selling Enzo as a much more 'positive' figure than he really was in life (and I judge this solely on what I've read of the man).

I liked the first part much better, primarily because it had more 'action' -- or events. The second part was too much 'in office' talking...

The first part also had some absolutely fantastic shots of 'racing' -- most notably one of Enzo's first races (the one where he nearly hits a cow, if you've seen it) which was really exciting to watch, and the scene where he first meets Nuvolari, with Tazio taking a corner full swing... it was great stuff.

Overall, I am a victim of not speaking Italian well enough (or pretty much at all, as the case may be :p) so perhaps I am being harsh towards it.

One side remark: I love the actor who played Enzo (Sergio .... forgot his surname). He was definitely the strong point of the movie.

Another side remark: the movie's worth watching if only for the fantastic display of early and mid 20th century cars (race cars and street cars). They really got a hold of a lot of special models there...

#4 bira

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 13:53

By the way, Mickey gave me the URL to the producers' web page on the movie - http://www.deangelis...nzo_ferrari.htm - you can view a trailer of it there (the trailer is great; it's quite long for a trailer and has a few great shots in itself).

#5 Vilcornell

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Posted 26 February 2003 - 08:12


It was a good production i think, but with major leak on the storyboard. Sergio Castellitto confirm himself as a great actor, but this isn't the best role he played;

Actually no one yet want tell Enzo's story as it really was, at least in Italy....

Don't know for historical reconstruction of pre-war racing events, but the rest ('70 / '80) was'nt accurate....

#6 Magee

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Posted 28 February 2003 - 03:22

I don't understand why film companies don't search for the help of some
motor sport historians instead of perpetuating the inaccuracies or creating more. There are plenty of them (historians) in this forum. However, is there a chance that historians will agree? Perhaps a concensus of 75% might do better especially compared to perhaps 40% truth without them. The other option to film a ficticious movie about the life of a famous motor sport figure and claim that it bears no resemblance to those living or dead.

#7 Vilcornell

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Posted 28 February 2003 - 08:36

You're righ, the problem is what people want to see in first evening; in the lasts two year we have had here in Italy three or four of this TV films based on great people of the past, and were quite the same each other.

Enzo Ferrari, Padre Pio (a famous priest now saint), Politicians, Lawyers, the story was always the same: exactly what first evening TV people want to see....


#8 aldo

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Posted 28 February 2003 - 15:49

I'm not at all a TV fan and I turned off the tv set after a few minutes of Section 1. According to a widely shared opionin, it was the usual fancy stuff which can be applied to Enzo Ferrari, George W Bush, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, the Spice Girls etc. It did well in term of audience share in the first night and scored much lower in the second one.
Everybody here, including the ones who knew him personally, agree that the man played by Sergio Castellito should have been someone else than Enzo Ferrari.
Cars and places were widely different from the original ones, also because no shooting was allowed within Ferrari premises and the world has changed a lot since Enzo's early days.
Following some request, I tried to get a taped copy from the Tv Monitoring Agencies I know: they cannot sell it because, being it fiction, they would infringe copyright law. The only chance to have it is to find some friendly chap who home-recorded it.