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OT (sorta): Gil Villeneuve pic

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#1 D. Heimgartner

D. Heimgartner
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Posted 07 March 2003 - 18:45

There's a pic of GV climbing out of his wrecked Ferrari... after he had a pretty good shunt, at a British track, I believe. I had this pic on my pc for a few years, but lost it recently. Does anyone know where I can get it?


#2 cheesy poofs

cheesy poofs
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Posted 07 March 2003 - 19:00

If you're talking about a british track, then you must surely be talking about GV climbing out of his wrecked Ferrari at Stowe corner. This was after causing a crash at Woodcote.

#3 Jhope

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Posted 07 March 2003 - 19:05

I think he means the crash he had at Imola in 1980(?)-81(?). Red Fever has it in his avatar.

#4 The First MH

The First MH
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Posted 07 March 2003 - 19:06

Is this the one:
Posted Image

See the whole story here

#5 D. Heimgartner

D. Heimgartner
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Posted 10 March 2003 - 00:15

Thanks, guys. This is the pic I was looking for.

#6 masterhit

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 16:40

The loss of Barry Sheene reminds me of how similar both were. You just don't get people like that these days, people with supreme talents, but Jack Nicholson like crazy daredevil attitude. Maybe that's inevitable - I mean, not only would Gilles find it nearly impossible to get a drive these days, but also he would not have found it so alluring to him in the first place. Both people were supreme risk takers, and did so willingly, for it was what they loved the most on Earth. It was all the more remarkable how lovable they were off track, despite their ferocious competitiveness, one really felt that if you were their friend, you would be there for life, not just when it suited them.

For many reasons the sport these days is more sterile, and less friendly. An open man like Gilles would have found that strange. Perhaps these days Gilles would have been drawn to motorcycling, where money and image counts for less, where poorer people can still make an impact, a sport more in tune with F1 of old.