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#1 Olivier Favre

Olivier Favre
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Posted 24 January 2004 - 19:23

Hello everybody,

I'm working on an article about the Formula 2-1000 cc (1964-66) and looking for some infos about the Alexis-Ford, a F2 single-seater driven by Paul Hawkins in 1964 and 1965. Hawkins won the Eifel race in April 65 but I don't know anything else about this brand of cars.

So, any kind of information concerning this car would be greatly appreciated.


Olivier Favre


#2 Teapot

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Posted 24 January 2004 - 20:04

First of all some informations about the car you mentioned:

Alexis Ford Mk7: the f2 variant of the Mk6, with Cosworth SCA and hewland gearbox. In 1964 it was never quite the equal of the Lotus 32, or the Brabhams and Lolas, but Peter Revson was fourth at Pergusa and fourth in a heat at Vallelunga, where Oglive-Hardy was fifth in the final. Although Paul Hawkins won the Eifelrennen in 1965 there were no other worthy results and that was Alexis's only win in the three 1-litre f2 seasons.

Quote from David Hodges' A-Z of Formula Racing Cars

Then something about the brand, from the same source:

Alexis Francis' first competition cars were trials specials, the first for his own use in 1953 and the last of a small production batch coming in 1964. By that time the Alexis company was five years old, having been set up by Francis and Bill Harris, designer of the Flather Special F3 car, to build a Formula Junior car. When Harris returned in Australia in 1965 Allan Taylor effectively took his place and in the second half of the 60s built Alexis up as a racing car constructor.
The first Juniors gave way to professional Juniors as Alexis moved on from the Mk1, for Francis and Harris to race as amateurs, to cars for the professional team Alexis, and then for sale. Alexis naturally entered F2 and F3 as these took the place of FJ and the marque's racing high point came when Paul Hawkins won the F2 Eifelrennen in 1965. There were also failures, with later F2 and F3 efforts, but in businnes terms there was a succesful liaison with the Jim Russel Racing Drivers' School wich led to the production of 57 Russel-Alexis Formula Ford cars in 1967-8.
In 70s F3 cars were listed through much of the decade, but in that category alexis lost its way and its cars did not actually feature on F3 grids.

Quote from David Hodges' A-Z of Formula Racing Cars

Hope to be of some help!

#3 Olivier Favre

Olivier Favre
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Posted 24 January 2004 - 21:51

Very useful.

Thanks a lot Teapot !

#4 Coogar

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Posted 25 January 2004 - 00:24

An unruly Irishman bouncing in again I'm afraid !
First such detail as I (think I) know.
The Eifelrennen-winning car spent some time in Northern Ireland in 1966/67, having been sold by Allan Taylor (then running the Alexis company for/with originator Alex Francis ) to Denis Kinghan of Bangor N.I. , who raced it a few times - in the then-popular Irish 'twin-cam' class between late 66 and (perhaps) early 68 - before selling it to one Adrian Rea and buying a (perhaps unique) long-chassis Crossle 12F.
Duncan Rabagliati knows all there is to know about 'Alexes' but I don't know what happened to that particular car after Rea bought it - although I fear the worst.......
The bodywork, leastways the nose/cockpit section - was used in a local special and still exists here as far as I'm aware. I think Duncan may know more.......Check out the Formula Junior Historic Association for more info. That's where You'll find him.

#5 scotts216

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Posted 25 January 2004 - 06:22

Hello all, I have just recently acquired an Alexis F2 car , and I am in hot pursuit of its heritage. I am working with Duncan Rabagliati to determine its heritage. We believe that it may be the MK 8 driven by Philip Robinson in the 1967 F2 series. I have been doing a lot of research, and I can suggest this site for reference on the F2 - 1000cc series:


Here are some other tidbits I have learned. The MK 6's were F3 cars. In Late 64, The MK 7's were built and were used in F2 - 1000 cc. HF 701 was driven by Revson, but was destroyed in Rome. It was replaced with Chassis #HF-703. It ran a cosworth SCA. I do not have any specific history for the secind chassis, HF 702. The F2 series ran 1000cc motors through the 1966 season. In 1967 it changed to 1600cc - mostly dominated by Coswrth FVA's, and also Lotus twin cams. Alexis did not campaign any races in 1966. In 1967, 2 MK 8's were used in Formula 3, and the MK 8, HF 803, was built up from an unfinished MK7 chassis for Bill Jones, and driven by Philip Robinson and Peter Ampt. This car had a BRM twin cam engine. It was not particularly successful.

According to information on the above website, Paul Hawkins drove the MK8 to victory at the Eifelrennen race. My notes show it being sold to Dennis Kingdom in Ireland, then at some point it was returned to England, less body, and converted to a formula ford by MRE - and then the trail is lost. I also have a reference to Hawkins having driven a MK8, but I need to re-check that.......Also with a Cosworth SCA 1000cc engine.

Justin Haler wrote a great article on Alexis racing cars in the December 20, 1968 issue of Autosport magazine, if you are able to track a way to get a copy. It is entitled: "Alexis, MK 1 to MK 18"

If anyone out there has ANY information on these cars, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you..........I am also trying to document another Alexis works car here in the U.S. that may be a MK7 - perhaps the Revson car - still tracking down it's history.

I also own and race an Alexis MK 15 formula Ford, Chassis #69, and would welcome any historical information on this chassis. It may be the next to last chassis built, and was manufactured in March of 1969. I was told it was supposed to have had a significant history.........

Please post any information here or email me direct at: ssdvsand@comcast.net

Richard, I would be interested in talking to you direct to see what else you might know????

Olivier, feel free to also contact me direct, and I will help if I can........

Regards, Scott

#6 scotts216

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Posted 25 January 2004 - 06:38

Correction, Hawkins listed as driving a MK6 in 1965....... I have other notes that say MK 8, and am looking to clear that up..........

Clarification: The Eifelrennen winning car driven by Paul Hawkins in 1965 was definitely a MK 8, Chassis # HF801. The F2 register is incorrect........

#7 Bladrian

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Posted 25 January 2004 - 06:57

Originally posted by Coogar
An unruly Irishman bouncing in again I'm afraid !

There's another kind? :eek: