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Love Among The Chickens

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Posted 26 January 2004 - 11:29

Love Among the Chickens:

Not a poultry-farming-porn-film, but a 1920 classic from P.G. Wodehouse I'm currently chortling through whilst at the epicentre of the Bird-Flu epidemic.
(Plump Palawans are paying a king's ransom to be smuggled out of S.E. Asia to Surrey in order to escape the compulsory slaughter carnage.)

Here's an excerpt: Who does it remind you of?

I rang the bell.

"Sir?" said Mrs. Medley.

"I'm going away for a bit," I said.

"Yes, sir."

At this point a thunderous knocking on the front door interrupted me.
Something seemed to tell me who was at the end of that knocker. I
heard Mrs. Medley's footsteps pass along the hall. There was the click
of the latch. A volume of sound rushed up the stairs.

"Is Mr. Garnet in? Where is he? Show me the old horse. Where is the
man of wrath? Exhibit the son of Belial."

There followed a violent crashing on the stairs, shaking the house.

"Garnet! Where are you, laddie? Garnet!! GARNET!!!!!"

Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge was in my midst.

(Text in Public Domain, and downloadable free at Project Gutenberg: where we all hope Doug will soon deposit Jenks' Notebooks, nudge, nudge, Douglas.)

I suspect 'Mark Thorhorn' enjoyed Wodehouse, the great pity is that Wodehouse wasn't infected with the motor-racing bug. What rich material he would have seen in; Bira, Chula, Seamans, and 'Hamish'.

Can you suggest any real life GP characters who could have been squeezed from the fountain pen of PG? Or actual events that should have been included?