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Maserati 6C 34 #3025 once again.

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#1 Leif Snellman

Leif Snellman
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Posted 26 January 2004 - 18:49

We have already discussed the racing record of Maserati 6C 34 #3025 at http://forums.atlasf...&threadid=33489
Now, Matteo Panini, the owner of the car, has told me that".

"I bought the car in the Maserati Factory in 1998 and Mr. Cozza (the historic responsible) told me that the car came from Bologna when the factory moved in end of the 40;

"The car was without body but for example the original seat is in red and green leather".

"Now the car is in the body shop and we found some different colors red, green silver, light green."

"Under the fuel tank we found the original italian red but around the chassis we found some dark green, so my question is is possible that this car was (once) green?"

I anwered him that at the first Donington GP in 1935 Bill Everett was entered in a 6C-34 by Scuderia Subalpina. But Paul Sheldon's book says that it was chassis 3018 and also I don't know if the car was repainted green for that race or not.

Do anyone know more?

Also Matteo Panini is very interested in the clor of Soffietti's entry in the 1937 Monaco GP. In Monkhouse's book "Motor Racing with Mercedes-Benz" on page 77 one can find the text: "Soffietti with his red and yellow Maserati".

Do anyone have any pictures of Soffietti's Monaco 1937 entry? I have noticed that Trossi' 1.5L Maserati a month later at the 1937 Coppa Edda Ciano had its nose painted in some light color, possibly yellow (See Venables - Racing Fifteen Hundreds" page114). Could Soffietti's car have looked something like that?

Comments, please!



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Posted 26 January 2004 - 19:46

Posted Image

Here is Soffietti's car. But was it a 6C-34 or a 8CM. Not easy to say. Nevertheless it had a "Siata" front grille which was characteristic of the 6C-34s of Scuderia Torino in 1936. In 1938 Mandirola's 8CM received the same type of front end.So at Monaco 37 was it an ex Torino's 6C-34 or the car Soffietti drove in 1935, an 8CM ex Ecurie Braillard?

#3 Leif Snellman

Leif Snellman
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Posted 26 January 2004 - 21:44

Sorry for my confusing question as I in my hurry failed to remember/realize that the picture shown in the link and shown again by Gigleux WAS indeed Soffietti's Monaco 1937 car. :blush: But why then did Monkhouse claim it was yellow/red?

#4 dretceterini

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 05:16

yellow numbers maybe??

#5 Michael Müller

Michael Müller
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Posted 27 January 2004 - 10:04

In 1934 Soffietti drove occasionally the 8CM #3019 of Villapadierna, which in fact was yellow-red. May be he is mixing up something.