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Mr. Campari - Mrs. Cavalleri or Cavalieri, which?

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#1 James L. Kalie

James L. Kalie
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Posted 18 February 2004 - 07:01

I need your help. In Ferrari's Autobiography he states that Giuseppe Campari in roughly 1928 married Lina Cavalleri (Note the spelling) who was a well known Opera Singer. When I try to research this name to see what might have happened to her after September 10th, 1933 the only name I can come up with is Lina Cavalieri (Note again the spelling). Can they be the same woman? Giuseppe should have been so lucky. Cavalieri was billed as the most beautiful Opera Soprano in the world and from her pictures I can tell you she was dazzling, gorgeous, etc. If Cavalieri was his wife, poor Giuseppe! He definately ran one race too many. If she was Cavalleri who was she and how can I get information on her. A picture? Anything? James L. Kalie, Bellevue, WA USA Fax: 425-462-5192 e-mail: jkalie@msn.com Thanks for the help.


#2 Arjan de Roos

Arjan de Roos
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Posted 18 February 2004 - 10:56


This must be a typo. It is easy to mix up this italian spelling (Cavalleri, Cavallero). Cavalieri looks to be the right spelling.

Her life as far as I can come up with:
Born in 1874 and an orphan at the age of 15.
She joined a theater group and toured throughout Italy. Later she sang in Cafe concerts in Paris and Vienna, meeting the then rich and powerful men.

Also she was able to study opera singing with Italies finest singers of the time and made her opera debut in 1900 in Lisbon. She travelled around Europe, Americas and Russia.
Lina was known for her beauty and temperament as well. It was told she had more than 800 proposals to marry! She accepted only 4 (!). Amongst her admirers was one Mussolini as well.

She opened her own beauty salons in Paris and released a book called: "Mes Secrets de Beauté" (my secrets of beauty).

She stood a model for Campari (aperitif drink) campaigns during the early 1900s. Is there a link between Gruppo Campari and Giuseppe? Did she meet Giuseppe at that time?

Being a model, singer and entrepreneur, she was not living her own life. For orphans she raised money, sang for the french troups in WWI, and in WWII she was helping out as a nurse.
She died during an air raid in Florence 1944.

Campari and Cavalieri. A racing driver and a model/singer couple. Not the first and last we have seen!

#3 Tim Murray

Tim Murray
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Posted 18 February 2004 - 11:22

It would appear that she had an admirer called Campari, but it wasn't Giuseppe:

Campari was created after extensive recipe testing by maitre-licoriste (master drink maker) Gaspare Campari for his cafe in Milan, Italy. House recipes were common practice, but word spread of the liquor's distinctive flavor and soon many cafes in Italy were ordering the vibrant bitter for their own bars. Davide Campari, Gaspare's son, shifted Campari from a national brand to an international success, possibly because of a woman.

According to the Campari Group, Davide Campari fell in love with the famous opera singer Lina Cavalieri. As she moved around the world to perform, Davide followed her, each time telling his family that he was opening a new export market. And so his product showed up in Nice, then Russia, then the United States.

None of the biographies of Cavalieri available via Google mention Giuseppe. Then again, there are photos of 'Lina Cavalleri' available for sale on e-bay, but on inspection these turn out to be of Cavalieri, not Cavalleri. :confused:

#4 robert dick

robert dick
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Posted 18 February 2004 - 11:40

Confusing :

Giuseppe Campari was born in 1892, and the famous Lina Cavalieri in 1874 (25 December 1874 - 7 February 1944).
Doubtful whether Campari had an Oedipus complex...

Lina Cavalieri was married to Prince Alexander Bariatinski (1900), to Lord Winthrop Chandler (1910), to Lucien Muratore (1913) and finally to Paolo d’Arvanni.

Photos of Donna Cavalieri at :

= = = = = = =

Basil Soldatenkoff, the former naval officer and attaché of the Russian embassy in Paris, who drove an older Brasier in the 1913 GP de France/Le Mans, had a liaison with Lina Cavalieri and called his racing car "Lina" (he had married Princess Helen Gortebakoff, but the marriage was not happy).

#5 Vitesse2

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:00

Giuseppe himself was no mean singer, a well-thought-of baritone, apparently. Self-deprecatingly, he's reported to have said that when he raced the crowd said he should have sung instead and that when he sang the audience said he should have gone racing!

At the time of his death in the tragic 1933 Monza meeting he was on the verge of retirement: I have seen some comments that he then intended to take up singing professionally, but I'm not sure how much truth there is in that.

#6 Arjan de Roos

Arjan de Roos
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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:44

Enzo Ferrari recalled affectionally in one of his books that Campari was quite versatile and invited many of his friends at his home. He prepared the meal as a real chef (to Enzo's disgust and laughter hanging over the pans with sweat running from his forehead straight into the sugo (sauce for pasta)). After the meal he would give his audience a little piece of singing as well!

Campari was by all means a great driver from that pre-war era.