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Nürburgring history

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#1 Rob Semmeling

Rob Semmeling
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Posted 02 December 2004 - 16:39

Hi all,

perhaps this goes against the house rules (though I couldn't find any), but I'd like to point you to a new history of the Nürburgring, which I wrote for my Südschleife website.

It's fairly comprehensive (around 6800 words), and it also includes a brief outline of the pre-Nürburgring history. Naturally, in accordance with the topic of my site, I focused mainly on the races run on the Südschleife.

I decided to post this here, because I felt it might interest some, particularly the non-German speakers. Books about the Ring are virtually always in German, and I could find only one history of the Ring in English online (http://8w.forix.com/ring.html).

My site can be reached through this link.

- Rob


#2 HistoricMustang

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 00:03

Rob, I have bookmarked your site for some serious learning one evening when the brew is cold and the brain is hot for new information. I really appreciate the help from the rest of the TNF'ers for an individual that at one point felt he would fall off the edge of the earth if travels took him past Mississippi.

I knew something else was out there when the news of Jimmy Clark, Ken Miles, Dave MacDonald and others appeared in the local newsprint. The gaps are now being filled!

Thanks for letting me hang around as the emotions continue to mature with each visit to that special place just a few miles from my home.


#3 Lotus23

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 00:32

Rob, I'd like to add an "Amen!" to my buddy Henry's thanks.

Thanks to Scuderia Hanseat, I got to spend half a day in my MG-A learning the key corners of the Sudschleife in September '61.

Your site brings back lots of fond memories.

#4 2F-001

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 21:45

Well done, Rob.
I can't imagine anyone will object to you posting a link here. I, for one, have always enjoyed your site.
I like the period typography of the heading banner... is that your own creation?

(One day soon I'll re-scan that Interserie article I did for you and get all the pages the same scale.)

#5 LittleChris

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 22:35

Needless to say, bookmarked at home & at work just in case you upload something new mid afternoon :clap:

#6 Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence
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Posted 05 December 2004 - 05:04

Welcome! I hope your research covers the condition of the track surface. 14.1 miles of the Nordschliefe had to be repaired and resurfaced. That is one of the keys to Famgio's over-huped performance in 1957. It was far from being the greatest drive in Grand Prix history, once you take into account the condition of the surface and wonder how he kept breaking he existing lap record which was set on a different surface.

The greatest drive is, of course, Stirling Moss, Argentina, 1958, but there is no argument about that, is there? The second greatest drive is Moss, Monaco, 1961. Not Grand Prix, but the third greatest drive in history is Moss, International Trophy 1961.

That is by the way, check the track surface.

Is the fourth greatest drive Moss, Monza, 1959, or Moss Nurburgring, 1961? I'll have to think about that, but it will be one or the other.


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Posted 05 December 2004 - 15:12


The surface of the Nurburgring in 1957 may have worked in Fangio's favor, but his 250F also had a collapsed front supension towards the end of the race. I still consider it one of the best races ever, although I agree with your Moss examples.

With Moss showing up four times in five examples, perhaps Stirling WAS the best driver of his era.


#8 Rob Semmeling

Rob Semmeling
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Posted 05 December 2004 - 15:23

Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm currently lying in bed sick, your positive remarks have managed to cheer me up, thanks.