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Melbourne. Best possies for general admin.

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#1 GregAU

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Posted 21 February 2005 - 22:01

Greetings chaps.
Well like probably every other Aussie who posts on these boards the annual trek to Albert Park is almost upon us.

I am yet to able to afford anything more than general admin tickets so over the years I've gotten a fair idea of what parts of the track offer the best views when you are so limited because of the high fence...distance back etc.

I've found the best view sitting on the hillside (Brocky's Hill) at corner 11, just past the turnin point.
You get to see a fair bit of the track as they come through, then accelerate out of turn 12.
Also...I havent had to rely on earplugs so much at that corner as sitting past the turnin point, the face of the hill seems to shield your ears from a great deal of abuse.

Anyways i'm allup for other peoples opinions as to where the good possies are :)


#2 Full_Monty

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Posted 21 February 2005 - 23:10

I always chose General admin, as I prefer to go to a number of different sections, rather than feel obliged to stay seated at one spot because you've paid for it. For me General Admin is the way to go...Albert Park really does offer some fantastic viewing points on a general lAdmin ticket.
Sure there are the crowds to deal with, but ive never found it a problem for all the session bar the race. Just get to the spot where you want to watch the race from a couple of hours before, a few hours supply of beer and your set.

If I were to go grandstand it would be clark, (middle section halfway back)....From there you get to see the drivers turn in, wrangle the wheel midcorner and get back on it....But you can see all this from general admin, standing right next to the stand. In my opinion, one of the better corners of the circuit for spectating (not on the hill - too far away and you dont get the same sense of speed). Standing just to the right of Clarke is great for Gen Admin, in the braking zone at corner entry...(ive watched the race from there 2-3 times).

For practice sessions, I like to go to turn 6 (corner entry on the concrete stands), turns 3 - 4, nice tight section from high speed braking zone. The inside of turn 13 is quite good, a nice panoramic view as the car corners around you, and then on the outside of the turn 14 - 15 section (around the walkover bridge)...if you stand closer to turn 14 on the outside of the track (closer to Piquet stand) you can also see the super screen.

Sure the main straight is good for the view of the pits and race start, but I couldnt personally stand to watch the cars whiz by all race, i'd much rather see them cornering.

(I tend to hang around the pits until were kicked out by security at night (generally 10 - 11pm), so we get to see plenty of the pits action. :)

#3 gerry nassar

gerry nassar
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Posted 21 February 2005 - 23:16