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Taking a trip to London, mid March. F1 Factory Tours? How to contact teams?

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Posted 23 February 2005 - 14:05

As the title states I'll be in London in a few weeks, and yes I realize it will be a busy time for the teams but I still want to inquire about a possible factory tour. I have contacted both Williams and BAR so far and Williams have responded but the dates they had available were not during my trip. BAR however has not responded but I have only used the form on their website, I don't have a real email address for BAR.

I'm from Iowa, which in case you didn't know is not exactally a hotbed of F1 racing -- if it dosen't have a big '8' on the car and turn left people typically look at you funny when you mention F1 here. This is probably going to be my one chance to do this so I would really apprecieate it if anyone here has email address I could use to contact the teams. Also I'm on a budget and will have no car, so trains and taxis are how I'll get there.

I know that the teams offer tours, Williams proves that, but contacting them is harder than expected.

Thanks everyone,