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Guess The Podium: Australia results

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#1 Schummy

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 01:56

Problems, troubles, stoddards, choose the synonymous. I have lots of them trying to access AtlasF1's forums with my desktop PC... cookies, configurations,... :drunk: :stoned:

First round and we have had an a priori surprising podium. Where are the ferraris? :D Who saw Ron Dennis' silver things? The new "regulations" makes possible negative scores, and this time we have had a lot! (In fact I think I'm happy of not putting a guess! :D )

Nobody got maximum points, 4 points, or even 3 points, but three players got a first lead in the game with 2 points: Jack Rabbit (fisi/alon/msch) (new in the house, I think :up: ), maxie(fisi/alon/mont) and fisichella_2001 (fisi/raik/barr) (of course!) . Congratulations for all of them. The first two profited by faith in Renault and the last of them is always loyal to Giancarlo and now it is starting to pay off!

A lot of people are well placed with 1 point. Many people has got a bland 0 ;) (including the two fierce bots, MAX and BERNIE).

And a fair load of people has got -1 point (including panzani ;) ), what is a back step with respect to "starting square" :drunk:

Finally, eight players sunk to -2 points, meaning they didn't fit any of the drivers in the podium (I confess, this was probably my case if I had put a guess). I suppose next GPs will be a bit less wild, at least in qualifying sessions!

Jack Rabbit	 2

maxie		   2

fisichella_2001 2

Estwald		 1

weasle		  1

sek			 1

maxpapis		1

Apex			1

130R			1

Schuting Star   1

Steve Williams  1

Makarias		1

armonico		1

REIGN_		  1

dnbn			1

Deeq			1

QdfV			1

kNt			 1

scheivlak	   1

Option13		1

AcuraF1		 1

Ghostrider	  1

MAX			 0

gerry		   0

Viss1		   0

repcobrabham	0

Jimmino		 0

Alapan		  0

Cyruz		   0

SkorbiF1		0

WillieF1		0

an1res		  0

kismet		  0

Punisher6	   0


Marcel Shot	-1

Woking		 -1

Zawed		  -1

KWSN		   -1

Pioneer		-1

K-One		  -1

LB			 -1

panzani		-1

Ventura		-1

d_view7		-1

AF Prodrive	-1

Philgr		 -1

Moanaman	   -1

D82			-2

Finntastic	 -2

Fiorentina	 -2

indycarjunkie  -2

Ric Bol		-2

shays		  -2

estoril85	  -2

Vilenova	   -2
Very soon we will start the Malaysian thread. I hope all of us with zeroes or neagtive scores can do something positive there. Seeing how rapid is the new Renault I wonder if this is the year to fisichella_2001 winning this game! ;)

Lots of thanks to everyone and see you here very soon! :clap: :up:


#2 LB

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 02:17

Schummy I really dunno how to say this but this scoring system stinks. People who actually got someone on the podium are in a worse position than people who skipped the round. There is something completely wrong with that.

#3 Jimmino

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 14:51

Nice Zero. Thanks :mad:

#4 panzani

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 15:00

Originally posted by LB
There is something completely wrong with that.

I must say I 'have to' agree with LB...
If I am not in last position as usual there 'must be' something wrong with the points' system! ;)

#5 Ghostrider

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 17:50

Thanks Schummy, one point, I am happy! :) :up:

#6 Pioneer

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 20:19

I don't think its quite fair that someone who entered can lose points to someone who skipped a round.

#7 Schummy

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 01:24

Calm down, friends! :)

I admit the new rules are a risky design, but believe me that I've thought about them for some time. With new rules you get negative score if you get 0 or 1 points in the old system.

This new system is equivalent as rewarding 2 points for missed rounds (as last year). In the old system if you get 0 or 1 point you did worse than someone who missed the round.

Comparing with the three former seasons, you can see that practically no one of the regulars has got less than 2 points in average per round. And it has been relatively rare to get 0 or 1 point, except in the "strange" races (typically complicated weather GPs). So it will be not usual to get negative scores, and I hope it is very difficult to get a negative score in the total of the season.

I have to revamp the system, I felt I have to do it. Maybe I'm being a bit as Colin Chapman, trying to modify an already functional car! ;)

In fact, in my calculations in past seasons, very few changes had happened if we had used this new system, in the top ten places or so. But it is now harder in middle positions against no so regular players!

Please, have confidence and I hope we will see some "emotive" rounds. If I'm wrong and this system doesn't work, then you can treat me harshly as I was Mosley playing with F1 rules! ;)

The new scores range from -2 to +4, being a priori more probable to get a positive score than a negative (see my former commentary), so it is not wise a priori to skip a round. It can be thinkable to choose in skipping a round if the weather is forecasted as chaotic and one feel unsecure, but I don't think it pays off if one want to win the competition.

In the long term it doesn't pay off to skip many rounds because you lose the opportunity to get positive points and you need positive points to end in the top positions (and maybe in the middle positions)

Wait a couple of GPs, and then begin to shot at me as guilty of ruining the game!;) :eek:

I hope we will have a good, fun competition with this system :blush: (I hope I'm not wrong!!!) :wave:

#8 Pioneer

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 03:23

You can dress it up however you like, but I still think its flat wrong to have even the possibility of a situation where someone who doesn't enter outscores someone who did.

If anything you should be punished for not entering. Under no circumstances, however bizarre or unlikely, should you EVER be rewarded for skipping.

That's my opinion anywho.

#9 Moanaman

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 04:58

I agree Pioneer

My guess Alon/raik/webb netted me a total of -1 regardless of Alonso coming third! I dont get it :confused: