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Villeneuve Interview Monaco '79

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Posted 21 May 2006 - 04:47

As next week will mark the Monaco GP, I thought someone would enjoy this interview by Jackie Stewart in the week leading up to the Monaco GP 27 years ago for inclusion in ABC-TV's "Wide World Of Sports" coverage of the race.
JS Like so many Grand Prix drivers nowadays, they come from every corner of the world and what a contrast it must be to be sitting here on a boat in the port of Monaco looking out towards the Mediterrean for a man who really started his racing career in snowmobiles in Canada. Gilles, it is a big change.
GV Ah, it sure is a big change, ah, from snowmobiling in 69, 70, to Formula One here in Monaco. It's a big way.
JS What's the difference between driving snowmobiles in championship events and Grand Prix cars?
GV Well, definitely in snowmobiling we don't have that nice wedder. Ha, ha, ha, ha. That's the big difference. Ha. But the snowmobile are very, I think they've been very good to me because they are very quick in their reaction. Ya know, from understeer to oversteer and they're quite sophisticated. So, the four or five seasons I have done in snowmobiling has been if like I had done one or two seasons more in car racing.
JS Now you're, to say the least, a spectacular driver. You've had your share of accidents and problems. You seem to be cooling a little bit but still you're, to say the least, spectacular.
GV Well, I guess, ah, everybody who start in Formula One is very much spectacular all the time. I suppose you were very much spectacular when you started and with experience, you're a bit smoother and everything. And also it depends on styles, I guess.
JS OK. Let's go and see how fast this one can go. Let's go.
(GV gets on the gas as the camera zooms back)