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Research & big E-mails

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#1 Wolf

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Posted 08 June 2006 - 21:03

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but better late than never... I know a lot of people here research stuff and occassionaly bigger amounts of information have to be exchanged. For those who don't know it Google offers free E-mail service where large messages (I think 10MB or thereabouts) can be recieved and a sizeable mailbox (2GB) is at one's disposal. The only problem is that one has to be invited to join (one gets 100 invitations so he can invite other people to join).

Well, to cut the long story short- if anyone is interested, just sign up and leave Your mail address.;)


#2 HistoricMustang

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Posted 08 June 2006 - 22:56

I can think of three projects that need to exchange large amounts of information:





#3 Scuderia SSS

Scuderia SSS
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Posted 09 June 2006 - 00:31

Just as easy using www.yousendit.com
You upload the info( upto 20MB) in a zipped folder and send it to the recipients address.They then have 7 days to download the stored link.
I use it all the time,its great.