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David Murray & Peter Collins at Monte-Carlo Rally

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#1 Team Gunston

Team Gunston
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Posted 20 October 2006 - 20:22

David Murray and Peter Collins shared the drive of a little Ford at the Monte-Carlo Rally, in 1952 I believe.

At that time, if I am right about the year, David Murray had not yet finalized the formation of Ecurie Ecosse and Peter Collins was a promising young talent but not a star. Could someone tell me the story of this Monte-Carlo adventure that looked like a joke ? Where did the idea come from ? Why did the two decide to team up ? Why did they elect to enter a little Ford (Anglia ?) when a Jaguar or an Aston would have been a more logical choice ? And can you please show me a photo ?

Thank you all.


#2 D-Type

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Posted 20 October 2006 - 20:34

I won't quote the whole pargraph from Mon Ami, Mate. The gist is that the entry was what could be termed a 'serious amateur' one. The car was prfessionally prepared by 'Wilkie Wilkinson' although the drivers were amateurs.
I would speculate that they wetre trying for a good class position. In spite of various problems they finished third in the 1100cc class.

#3 RS2000

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Posted 20 October 2006 - 21:02

Kidderminster Motors (the Collins family firm) was a Ford dealer as well as being involved in trucks? So an Anglia is logical. Actually I passed it earlier in the week, now a Brooklyn Group Ford dealership (but also advertising Citroen repairs, linked to the Brooklyn Citroen place just along the road). Original sort of art deco frontage still in place.