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Tom Pryce

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Posted 24 October 2006 - 20:51

[COLOR=darkblue]Happened to be doing a nostalgic 'trip through time' on the internet last night and started a search for Tom Pryce. Tom had been a F1 favourite of mine back in South Africa and it was quite strange when I found out that he was buried in Otford, a village not 4 miles from Sevenoaks where I live and teach.
I had been playing a cricket match in Wellington, South Africa, on the 5th March - that sad day when Tom and Janse van Vuuren, the 19 year old marshall at Kyalami, both lost their lives. I had been waiting to bat when I heard the news, the last thing I wanted to do was play cricket.
The news broadcast that night on SABC made for terrible viewing and I was saddened last night to find that videos (apparently far more gruesome than the actual broadcast as seen on SABC) of Tom's accident are posted on various sites on the internet. How sickening for the families of these two young men!
As I stood at his grave this morning, my thoughts and silent prayers again went out to Tom's family and friends and especially to Nella, his young wife. Does anyone know what has happened to Nella Pryce? Is she still teaching? I sincerely hope that she has found happiness in her life since that sad day in 1977.
I was particularly pleased to see that his grave is so well tended. I did however feel quite disgusted that I had not placed any flowers on his grave - I shall remedy this matter. Rest in peace Tom; and Nella, wherever you are; know that your husband brought much viewing enjoyment to this South African in the early 1970's. Judging by the many references to Tom Pryce on the internet; he is still and always will be missed!