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'Shelby's Wildlife: the Cobras and the Mustangs' to be revised

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#1 Frank S

Frank S
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Posted 26 October 2006 - 16:29

Wallace Wyss, historian and author of Shelby's Wildlife: the Cobras and the
, reports that he is revising his book Shelby's Wildlife: the Cobras and the

He told me he is seeking "fresh art" not seen before and invites
anyone with pictures of Shelby as driver ('54 to '60) or of Shelby-American
team drivers (or even independents) racing Cobras and Shelby Mustangs (and
Trans-Am Mustangs run by Shelby Racing Co.) to contact him and describe what
they have so arrangements can be made to squeeze their artwork into the
book. He is also looking for any colorful humorous anecdotes anyone wants to
tell involving racing against Shelby, racing for Shelby, Shelby as racer, Shelby
as businessman, his famous social life, etc.

He invites anyone to contact him at

He'll be at the Fabulous Fifties' Fall Fiesta this Saturday, October 28, in Shelby's
Gardena Store on South Figueroa, in case you'll be there to contribute in person.

Coincidentally, last Saturday I bought a mild 2006 Mustang:

Posted Image

Such a beauty.

Frank S


#2 HDonaldCapps

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Posted 28 October 2006 - 15:40

This book has been long overdue for a revisit by the esteemed Mr. Wyss, in my opinion.

#3 HistoricMustang

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 18:57

Received a very prompt reply from my e-mail to Mr. Wyss and the newly discovered photographs from AIR are in the mail for review.


#4 Frank S

Frank S
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Posted 30 October 2006 - 20:39

Far be it from me to 'bump' a thread, but ...

'W. Wyss asked me if I knew who had the idea of H & M entering a Cobra 260
for Augie Pabst at Nassau Speed Week in '62. Wyss says he called Pabst who
told him that he was kinda thinking of having his own Cobra team but why was
the car H & M prepped instead of from Chez Shelby?

His theory is that , at that stage of the game, Ford had more faith in H
& M than they did the unknown chicken plucker but there's another theory
(which he is less enthusiastic about) that Shelby thought H & M would get
more respect at the track than it would entering under his name so he
supplied them with a car and had them enter it under their name, just as
later on when entering GT40s at LeMans he brokered deals with different
teams like Filipinetti to run GT40s so they wouldn't be all Ford Motor Co.

The reason he doesn't like this second theory is that in Dave Friedman's
fine and entertaining book about remembering the Shelby years, several
former race mechanics get all mean and nasty whenever they mention H & M so
he can't see Shelby asking their help (even though he was forced to work
with them on LeMans entries in '66 & '67).

Any theories?'