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Johnny Lightning Specials

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#1 Huw Jadvantich

Huw Jadvantich
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Posted 07 January 2007 - 11:18

Were these cars basically Lolas? How many of them were built, and where are they now?
Which engines did they use, Fords?


#2 David M. Kane

David M. Kane
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Posted 07 January 2007 - 13:53

One is in the Parnelli Jones collection. It might have been sold very recently as Parnelli entire collection is for sale.

#3 Jerry Entin

Jerry Entin
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Posted 07 January 2007 - 15:11

Huw: I know George Eaton had one of them in 1971. It was the year after Al Unser used it. It was a Lola T 150 sl 150/1 with a Ford engine. He had the Fejer Bros from Canada as his crew. His brother Thor and Myself were the refueling crew at Ontario when he ran the car. He had trouble with a wheel weight hitting his rear brake line knocking out his brakes. He still finished 11th. A little known fact is George Eaton made his Brother and me wear crash helmets and fireproof race suits while we refueled the car. Everyone thought we were nuts. Chicken, is what they were thinking, now it is required even the tire changers be in fireproof suits. When Al Unser won Indy in 1970 with the car it was entered as a P.J. Colt/Ford not a Lola.