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Almendares Hippodrome, Havana, Cuba

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#1 Darren Galpin

Darren Galpin
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Posted 22 January 2007 - 13:08

Does anyone know if the Almendares Hippodrome in Havana, Cuba, still exists, and where it is? Or does anyone have a photo of it? It hosted auto races in 1911, but I'm struggling to locate it on modern maps. None of the US mapping services seem to be detailed enough on Cuba to spot it (nor are the satellite images of high enough definition to take a guess)......


#2 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
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Posted 22 January 2007 - 17:29

I presume strongly it no longer exists as there was absoluety no mention of it when I went to Havana and the Cuban magazine fellow who, by per chance, was into motor racing, that I talked to did not bring it up.

The area itself is the towards the outskirts of the Old Town & towards Havana Bay.

I suppose parts of it might still be used, and some of it makes up the park, but actually on further recollection, I can remember where the Almendares area is, and there certainly isn't a hippodrome any more.

According to this link, it was also (or could be) called the "Buena Vista" Hippodrome.



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Posted 23 January 2007 - 12:13

There is a large stadium "maximo gomez" near the mouth of havana bay, that would be the only area close to town where any hippodrome could have been

I believe that a racetrack was at or near the site of the current airport "jose Marti" and used part of the airstrip.

The mouth of the almendares river is at the western end of the famous malecon boulevard and runs very near north south. The airport is west of the almendares and adjacent to two suburbs Buenavista and almendares. Neither of these areas are anywhere near old or new Havana being at least 50 min drive west.

Just go there, it is a great place.