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Porsche 908 Spyder

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#1 jal43

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 15:22

I have one question

Wich is te real denomination of this Porsche Spyder, 908/1 or 908/2?

Last week I was eating with the pilot Juan Fernandez, s of the photo, and he was saying to myself that his car was bought in Brands Hacth of 1969, and the denomination was a 908/1. Since this way it consists in his historical files.
But I see that it appears in many lists as 908/2. Some consulted sources, they say that 908/2 is the Flunder.

Can someone help me to identify correctly to this car?

Pic. 6 H Jarama 1970 / Juan Fernandez - Jo Siffert


Thanks a lot

Joan Albert


#2 Phigr7

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 16:11

AFAIK, this version is dubbed 901/1.

#3 Peter Morley

Peter Morley
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Posted 27 February 2007 - 16:28

I thought that version was known as a 908/1 (presumably it was just a 908 until the 2nd version came along).
Flunder was 908/2
and 908/3 is the squarer/cut off tail version.

At least that is how we described the Fly car (slot car) models of them (which included both cars in your photo)!

#4 Andre Acker

Andre Acker
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Posted 27 February 2007 - 16:54


I think that this car ("Tergal") was sold to a Brazilian in 1971, the same car of the Hollywod Team.

Can anyone confirm that ?

André Acker.

#5 gerard BARATHIEU

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 19:29

yes the car is 901/01/021 and belongS to day to MR ANDRE LARA RESENDE in SAO PAULO .BRAZIL

#6 RA Historian

RA Historian
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Posted 27 February 2007 - 19:40

My understanding, subject to clarification from our Porsche experts, is this:

The 1969 car was 908.

The 1970 car was 908-2. It had smoother bodywork from fender to fender, which is the easiest way to tell them apart visually. Since it was 908-2, that retroactively made the original series 908-1. It also was nicknamed "Flounder" (not Flunder) but this was, I do not think, ever an official designation.

Also in 1970 there were a number of 908-3 cars made. These were the very small, minimal bodywork cars with the driver's feet ahead of the front wheel line. They were designed specifically for use at the Nurburgring and the Targa Florio.

Porsche experts, please elaborate and/or correct!

#7 bill moffat

bill moffat
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Posted 27 February 2007 - 20:12

I'd go along with that except that the first 908/02 spyders were not flounders (or soles as others designated them), so in unofficial terms the '70 908's were either 908/2's or 908/2F's depending on whether they wore the smoothed-out bodywork or not.

The 908/3's were never designed for night time racing but your man Juan Fernandez was entered in the 1973 Le Mans race in a /3 neatly converted by Scuderia Montjuich and sponsored by Toblerone (don't ask...). The car was very effective finishing 5th O/A .

Fernandez returned to La Sarthe in 1974 with the same car under the "Ecurie Tibidabo" banner, devoid of chocolate sponsorship it succumbed to a broken gearbox. That same year Jean Rondeau had a low-key Le Mans finishing 19th in a five year old 908, greater things were to come...

#8 Tmeranda

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 20:56

the first 908 was a closed coupe. Then the rules changed and open cars were legal hence the 2nd 908 which was an open spyder. Both the first and second 908's had the transmission behind the rear axle. The 3rd 908 had the transmission between the engine and the dif which ment the driver had to be pushed furrther forward.

#9 Rob Semmeling

Rob Semmeling
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Posted 27 February 2007 - 21:51

I have written on my website:

"The 908/01 refers to the 908 coupes mentioned above, whereas the first 908 spyder was the 908/02. The confusion may be caused by two reasons. First, early prototypes of the 908/02 spyder were named "908/01 Sebring". These prototypes can be recognized by the kurzheck coupe-like air intakes on both sides, which disappaired from the final 908/02. Second, some 908 coupes (908/01's) were converted to spyders by the factory, and so became 908/02's."

Link: here

This is my understanding of this matter.

#10 ibsenop

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 23:19


You can see a lot of pics of the Porsche 901/02/021 taken at the Brazilian "Clássicos de Competição" last January.