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French Grand Prix 1921

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#1 Dennis David

Dennis David
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Posted 14 September 2000 - 18:14

Just received this ...

You seem to be interested in things formula 1 and have some history on your site. I am writing a book on the life of Jimmy Murphy and have just recently had an article published in Automotive Fine Art, the journal of the Automotive Fine Arts society. I would be happy to send you a working copy of the article that you could put on your site if interested. The title of it is "Art and the French Grand Prix, 1921". The article is a little bit about the race, a lot about the artists who have done things, from Crosby to Rowe and 17art images of the race with some pictures. I could use the publicity regarding the forthcoming book and you get material for your website. Let me know if your interested.

I also happen to be a relative of Murphy. The only thing I would want is something at the beginning or end of the article about the book project and who I am. The article really is a good piece and comes at the race from a unique angle.


Gary Doyle

Sounds interesting and just the type of angle I pursue on my website.


#2 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 29 September 2000 - 12:08

Wonder what the relationship with Murphy is...

#3 Gary Doyle

Gary Doyle
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Posted 30 September 2000 - 05:57

Distant. Jimmy Murphy was raised by my great grandmother, his aunt, after his fathers death in the SFO earthquake of 1906.Had he lived he would have been my cousin. There are still a couple of people in my family that were around Murphy on the farm in Vernon.

#4 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 30 September 2000 - 13:13

That's like old photographer Byron Gunther... lived with his uncle (?) Phil Garlick before he was killed at Maroubra Speedway in the twenties, before Phil was immortalised because he died going over the top of the wall...