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The Library

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#1 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 21 September 2000 - 14:09

I am going to make a serious attempt to get to The Library at Watkins Glen this weekend (see the Atlas front page for 20 September & previous thread).

I am going for some personal research which includes some more info on the 1933 GP di Tripoli, specifically some pictures and (better) copies of some articles -- including the Motor Sport article on the race since the new regime never apparently read it and mine is not of the greatest quality, and then to start the ball rolling on the next Sherman & Peabody saga, the 1966 thru 1968 seasons. Plus, of course, the usual "...just what do we have here?" sorts of things.

I intend to make periodic trips to Watkins Glen and perhaps even volunteer to help with their research requests as time goes on. One idea I have is to move my Case History project (finally) to either the Atlas site or wherever since there is a possibility that I will have more time to devote to it down the road.

Also, any "burning" questions you might have that I might be able look up for you, let me know.


#2 Joe Fan

Joe Fan
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Posted 21 September 2000 - 14:44

Don, could you get the details on the movie "Pit Pass" that they have in their collection. I need this information in order to try to find a copy of my own. Then I plan to seek permission to use some of the footage for a Masten Gregory highlight tape, to be used for his future induction ceremonies into the KC Sports Walk of Stars.

BTW, great article on The Library on the main page. I am glad you decided to do an article on this because I had forgotten all about it. If you see Mark, find out how my search request is going.

#3 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 21 September 2000 - 15:44


Part of the reason is that they have been working hard on the latest fund raising campaign and also the Zippo Classic GP weekend and the other preceding race weekends, so with only three people maxed to the gills with all that and trying to run just the normal library operations, I was amazed that they got as much done as they did! I was truly impressed with how hard they were working to keep up, but it isn't easy.

I will see what I can do this weekend. I am sure they appreciate your patience since they get more requests than I realized.