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1966 F1 mod for GPL RELEASED

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#1 Arturo Pereira

Arturo Pereira
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Posted 27 December 2007 - 14:20

I am pleased to announce the release of the 1966 mod for Grand Prix Legends.

First I would like to say a big thanks to the 66mod team and to everyone else involved.

Please take a few minutes to read through the release notes carefully. They may answer some of your questions and save you from any possible problems you may have installing the mod.

1966 mod for Grand Prix Legends

Before installing 1966 mod, first install Gem+ 2.5.9 and new iGor for online racing.GEM+/iGOR
Requires a full version of Grand prix Legends version
You can use the GPL 2004 Demo, a self patched GPL with the patch, the latest All-In-One patch or the GPLPS Installer.

If you do not have them already, we recommend you install these add-on tracks used in the 1966 Championship and
Non-Championship races from the GPL Track Data Base GPL Track Database

By default "66SEASON" will be selected for the 66mod, which is why we recommend you install the add-on tracks listed.

Installing the 1966 mod :

The installer will remove any existing "cars66" folder from gpl/cars/ . If you have a folder of this name and wish to keep it, rename it or move it to another location that is not in the gpl directory.

If you wish to install to a temporary directory to inspect the contents of the installer, you must first copy your gpl.exe to the temp directory.

If you use GPLShift here is a comment from Bob Simpon.
"There's an option in GPLShift to have a sound when there's a missed shift. That sound, SHFTERR.WAV, is in the GPL folder. When I disable this option, no more CTDs."

Run the installer. When prompted by the installer check the path to your GPL installation is correct.
The installer offers a choice of MONO sounds ( default ) or STEREO sounds.

Create a player in GPL for 1966. Exit GPL

Start Gem+ 2.5.8
Click on the Carsets button to open the "Select and Modify Carsets" box.
Move 1966 Grand Prix into the "active" ( right hand ) column
Click on 1966 Grand Prix and check " GPL66 " is selected in the physics box.
Click "ok " to close the "Select and Modify Carsets" box.
Select your 1966 player from the player drop down.
Select "1966 Grand Prix (GPL66)" for your player.
Finally, click on the green GPL button to launch 1966 mod and build a new "gplc66.exe

The 1966 Season.
Hailed as the "return to power" the 1966 season saw the start of the new 3 litre formula.
Some teams were more ready than others and as a consequence a wide variety of engines and chassis were used ranging from Ferrari's new purpose built 3 litre V12 ( 312 ) to modified 65 season engines which were bored out to 2 litres.
There were also various 4 cylinder Climax engines plus a 2.4 litre V6 ( 246 ) Ferrari based on the "Dino" engine.

Brabham :
Jack Brabham's "Brabham Racing Organisation" had commissioned "Repco" to build a 3 litre V8 loosely based on an alloy Oldsmobile block. Mounted in the new light and nimble BT19 chassis the combination would go on to win the 1966 World Championship.
Although not the most powerful in the field it proved to be a most reliable contender. A later BT20 fitted with the same engine was campaigned by Brabham's team mate Denny Hulme.
Team Brabham also ran a BT11 chassis fitted with a 2.5 lt 4 cylinder Climax engine for Hulme in the first few races of the 1966 season.
"DW Racing Enterprises" ran a similar but privately entered BT11 powered by a longer stroke 2.7 lt 4 cylinder Climax engine in the hands of their driver Bob Anderson.
A third BT11 chassis was also campaigned by David Bridges Racing and Rob Walker teams. This car was powered by a high revving BRM 2 litre V8.

The "Owen Racing Organisation" otherwise know as BRM was one of the teams caught on the hop.Tony Rudd who was the chief designer at BRM made the fateful decision to build the complex "H16" engine. Although the engine
promised an abundance of power the reality was that the engine's weight negated any power advantage. Besides this it took longer than expected to build and develop which meant the team starting the season with last years V8 engines modified and bored out to just under 2 litres.
When the H16 finally did arrive it was mated to the new P83 chassis. In the mean time the older P261 chassis was used in conjunction with the 2 litre v8.
The P261 in the hands of Jackie Stewart won the Monaco Grand Prix while Graham Hill was placed 2nd at the Dutch Grand Prix and 3rd at the British Grand Prix but from then on good results were thin on the ground.
Another P261 also with the 2 litre V8 was privately entered by "Team Chamaco Collect" and mostly driven by Bob Bondurant.

Cooper :
The "Cooper Car Company" had recently been taken over by the Chipstead Group who were also the UK distributors for Maserati. Although the Maserati engine had its origins in the 50's, politics dictated that the team would use the Tipo 9 2.5 litre V12
which was bored out to 3 litres and fitted to the new T81 chassis.
As well as running the works cars driven by Rindt and Ginther ( the later on loan from Honda ), Cooper also supplied cars to privateers Rob Walker Racing, Guy Ligier and Jo Bonnier teams.
Later in the season John Surtees joined the team after leaving Ferrari. There is no doubt that Surtees's influence in developing the car greatly improved its capabilities and this culminated with Surtees winning the last race of the year at Mexico City.

Anglo American Racers :
The Eagle T1G designed by Len Terry for Dan Gurney's "Anglo American Racers" started the 1966 season powered by a 2.7 litre 4 cylinder Climax engine with which Gurney had some success, being placed 5th at the French and Mexican Grand Prix and a 7th at the German Grand Prix.
The Climax engine was always intended as a stop gap because Gurney has commissioned Harry Weslake to build him a brand new 3 litre V12 engine. The Weslake V12 eventually arrived late in the season to make an appearance at Monza and Watkins Glen but reliability issues meant Gurney running the last race of the season with the sturdy and reliable Climax unit.

Ferrari :
While other teams were arguing with the governing bodies and trying to get the 3 litre formula changed to 2.5 litres, Ferrari just got on with it and produced an all new 3 litre V12 to be known as the 312.
John Surtees was Ferrari's top driver and was given the car to start the season. Lorenzo Bandini had to make do with a 2.4 litre V6 based on the "Dino" mounted in last years chassis to start the season. But despite this Bandini almost won the Monaco Grand Prix but had to retire with throttle linkage problems.
In the next race at Spa-Francorchamps the 312 and John Surtees was unbeatable. Mike Parkes driving the second 312 scored a creditable 2nd at the French Grand Prix. Unfortunately Surtees and Ferrari parted company before the French Grand Prix but the
312 went on to dominate the Grand Prix of Italy at Monza coming home 1st and 2nd in the hands of Scarfiotti and Parkes.

Lotus :
Colin Chapman's "Team Lotus" was another team without a 3 litre engine so they were forced to use last year's Climax V8 modified and bored out to 2 litres. This was fitted into the Lotus 33 chassis also from the 1965 season.
Eventually a deal was done with BRM to use the H16 engine which was fitted into the all new Lotus 43 chassis but unfortunately the Lotus Team suffered the same fate as BRM with this complex and overweight engine which rarely finished a race.
One exception to this was the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen where Jim Clark who was Chapman's number one driver managed to hold the car together long enough to cross the line in first place giving the H16 its only win in 1966.
Lotus also supplied cars to privateer "Reg Parnell Racing" who entered a Lotus 33 chassis powered by a BRM 2 litre V8 and driven by Mike Spence.

Honda :
The 3 litre V12 car known as the Honda RA273 arrived late in the season to make its debut at Monza where it qualified well being just over a second off pole. Unfortunately Richie Ginther crashed the car and did not finish the race.
In the next race at Watkins Glen the car was once more on the pace, this time less than one second off pole, but again it did not finish.
The last race of the season saw the RA273 less than half a second off the pace and 4th on the grid. At the start it blasted into the lead with phenomenal acceleration. But tyre troubles later in the race would see it slip down the leader board eventually finishing one lap down.

Mclaren :
Bruce Mclaren had served his apprenticeship with Brabham and Cooper. For 1966 he decided he wanted to build his own cars and thus was founded one of the most well known names in racing to this day.
The Mclaren for 1966 was the M2B designed by Robin Herd and powered by an Indy Car based Ford V8 of 3 litres. As the season progressed Mclaren would try out the Serenissima V8 but returned to the Ford V8 which gave him most success including a 6th place in the British Grand Prix and a 5th at Watkins Glen.

The 1966 mod.
All of the 16 different chassis engine combinations mentioned above are available for the user to drive in the 66mod. Each with its own individual physics and characteristics and accurately portrayed 3D car models. The cars can be driven online against real opponents or against a line up of historically accurate AI which use the cars and car numbers used in the real 1966 season races.
Because the AI is different for every championship race, the "team Info" screen can now be accessed from the race weekend page.

Physics :
The 66 mod team have spent the last two years developing and testing physics produced by Richard Cooke which include new code features from Nigel Pattinson and Gene Fryman. We have worked hard to bring you an as accurate a representation of the 1966 Grand Prix Season as possible.
New features include high speed body lift and enhanced slipstreaming code as well as new tyre models for 1966. There have also been many advances in AI performance giving the off-line user a realistic and challenging experience.

Options :
When scrolling through the "Player Info" screens you will see some car pics with two different cars depicted. This means there is a choice of graphics for that car which can be selected in game by clicking the GRAPHICS drop down.
As well as the "in game" graphic options there are others which have to be selected manually from the car folders in gpl/cars/cars66. There you will find player options to drive different cars eg. in folder "c07" you will find options to drive the "Team Chamaco Collect" cars by copying the contents of the desired folder into the c07 folder. Check the rest of the car folders to look for other player options to drive.
Each car folder also contains 2D wheel options and 2D helmet options. These are activated by copying the contents of the option folder into the car folder.

Mono sounds are shipped as default. In the sounds folder you will find a folder named "66 stereo soundpack" which contains
Stereo versions of the 66 sounds which can be used by copying into the sounds folder.

Other Features :
When using 66mod, Seasons can hold up to 1024 tracks ( instead of 64 ) and every lap time you set will be stored in your "plac66.ini" and displayed in your best laps screen. We hope to extend this feature to all mods and 67 in the near future.

Engines now run unevenly at low RPM which is more realistic for a 60's racing engine. The engines start to run cleanly at different RPM depending on the engine. For example the BRM H16 will run unevenly up to 6000 RPM or so and then run cleanly as it reaches its working rev range.
Engine idle speeds have been increased to between 2000 RPM and 3000 RPM depending on engine.

Per track driver.ini "driv66.ini" are used to allow AI to change cars and/or car numbers throughout the entire season.
A generic driver ini is used where there is no "per track driver.ini" present. Per track driv66.ini are shipped with the mod for the 1966 Championship tracks.
You can add your own driv66.ini to any track by naming it "driv66.ini" and placing it in the track folder.

The car numbers that are supported in the 66 mod are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,
22,24,25,26,27,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44,46(player) ,48.

Per tracks "track66.ini" are supported. Per track "track66.ini" are shipped with the mod for the 1966 Championship tracks.
You can add your own Per track "track66.ini" to any track by naming it "track66.ini" and placing it in the track folder.

Mod Specific Graphics as used in the 69 mod are also supported in the 66 mod. Mod specific files can be created and placed in the
intended track folder using these extensions.
mip = m66
3do = 366
trk = t66
page0.pbf = page066.pbf
bwpic.pbf = bwpic66.pbf

Default setups
The 66 Mod provides default setups for intermediate drivers. To make these easier for beginner, try lowering the rear anti-roll bar by 20 lbs or so and raising the front anti-roll bar by the same amount.

We at the 66mod team hope you will enjoy using the 66mod as much as we have enjoyed producing it.
We suggest you start off with one of the lower powered cars and take a few laps to get used to the mod before you move onto the more powerful cars.


This software is freeware ( i.e. non commercial use )

No part may be distributed on any media ( such as CD Rom or Diskette ) for which money is charged nor on media distributed with ( for example ) a magazine for which money is charged without the authors permission

This software is provided " as is " without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, You use at your own risk.

No updates to the GPL66 mod may be posted for SIX MONTHS after the the initial release of the component to be updated ,
unless prior permission is given by me.

No Conversions to other sim platforms should be undertaken unless prior permission is given by me.

Paul Skingley


Programming (Physics)
Richard Cooke
Nigel Pattinson
Paul Skingley
Gene Fryman ( Codehound )
Lee Bowden

Gem+ support
Paul Thurston

iGor support
Phil Flack
Christoph Frick

Programming (Graphics)
The 1966 carset is based on work by the GPLEA and the 65mod team, modified for 66 by :-

Charles Mark ( CJM )
Paul Skingley
Marco Medici ( Irridux )
Remy Roesz ( remy67 )
Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )
David Wright ( Lo67 )
Arturo Pereira
Doug Hardy ( Do0g )
Sam Dobie
Pascal Celton
Marc Ostermann
Luc Van Gossum

Jeroen Goedhart

Beta Testers

John King
Steve Cloyd ( SteveC43 )
Tom Johnson
Michele Sprovieri ( ayrtonsp )
Robby Hunter ( Border Reiver )
Stuart Bartosiak ( sbart UK )
Arturo Pereira
Stefan Roess
Dan Archey ( Bentcam )
Remy Roesz ( remy67 )
Uli Pilz-Volmerding ( ziege )
Bob Berman ( Royale )
Ken Murray
Danny Thomas
Clyde Ransom ( lt1 )
John Ollis
Paul Thurston
Terry Worth
Paul Skingley
John Smith
Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )
John Roberts
Syd Drake
Ihsan Gin ( GeNiE )
Bob Simpson
Pete Gaimari
Bernd Nowak
Sergio M. Loro

Web site design
Bernd Nowak

Gallery Images
Martin Huiskes ( MECH )

File hosting and web space
Paul Jackson ( SpeedGeezers )
Bill Cooper ( BCsims )

1966 Mod for GPL is produced by
Paul Skingley

To d/l the 1966 mod visit our site 1966 F1 Mod for GPL
have fun

Our friends at GPLRACER have mirrored the d/l for us

And another Mirror here

Mangala has also kindly mirrored the d/l

Please, if you have any problems with GEM+/iGOR or with the 66mod installation, check this thread and post there: 1966 F1 mod for GPL Released :wave:


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Posted 27 December 2007 - 23:19

It's a cracker too! :up:

#3 pingu666

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Posted 31 December 2007 - 02:43

yay :D

#4 mahelgel

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Posted 01 January 2008 - 17:25

Having had a non-working adsl line the last month, it is finaly up to working speed again, so i will have to have a go at this mod asap :)

#5 Kanzo

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Posted 02 January 2008 - 07:12

I´ve been driving GPL since 2001 but now I finally see what these cars should REALLY feel like. Magnificent job by the team. :love:

#6 Patrik L

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Posted 05 January 2008 - 00:51

All I can do is to echo the praise here. I've been racing them for a few weeks now and allready have had many of the most incredible close fights ever in my 8 years with the sim :)