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FUNCUP Racing....

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Posted 07 February 2008 - 18:50

Some of you may know who i am.. and my affinity towards this race series...
i thought it was about time i helped Paul out a bit more to spread the word..
The FunCup is one of the most subscribed series in europe (dates can be seen below) i have now been involved with the 190 car for about 18 months and this year we are going once again to SPA to compete in the worlds longest race

but a bit of entertainment first...

A full report of this race can be read here at driver Pete's site,..

these are some pictures of our teams cars from last years 25hr race taken by my good friend and semi-pro photographer Gregory Eyckmans.. he will be there again this year...

i did a full report from there which can be found at TBK..

[quote="Vertigo Streiff"]
One 25Hr race later - finally some of my pictures (sry for the delay) :p
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

The End of a Great Season
Well its taken me time to get round to this but its easier to copy/paste it from Ians site , so here goes...
It was great season for us with highlights being a win at Croft (Marc, Ian, Richard and Pete) and 2nd place at Mondello (Ian, Marc). As you can see from the attached table we finished in 4th place.
Disappointments were Spa, where having climbed to 12th overall, a gearbox failure dropped is to 60th of a huge field of 161 cars and Oulton, when a collision dropped us to 10th, when we were in 3rd place right on the leaders tails, with just 10 minutes to go.

Thanks to all sponsors for their support for 2007 and we very much hope you will wish to be involved in our 2008 campaign
Finally a warm thanks to the Abbey Motorsport crew who ran our car. They did a great job with great humour and commitment. Particular thanks to Will, out mechanic, Tony the boss, and the other key guys on the crew, Simon, Warner and John. Also thanks to the teams pit popsies and ace caterers Tina, Sam and Alice!
Posted Image

And from my point of View id like to extend my thanks to Ian, Marc, Richard and Pete for having me along... and all the Guys at Abbey for their hospitality, guidance and humor..... and heres to next year...
Just received this on E-mail from the FunCup HQ....

[quote]Subject: Fun Cup 2008 Provisinal Race Dates

To All Team Managers and Drivers,
I can now let you have our 2008 provisional race dates.
I am also working on a 'Day into Night' race and as soon as I have a date and venue I will let you know.

Round, Date, Venue, Hours

1 26th April, Mondello Park (International), 6

2 17th May, Croft, 3

3 18th May, Croft, 3

4 14/15th June, Brands Hatch (Indy), 3

5 12/13th July, Spa 25

6 24th August, Snetterton, 4

7 13th September, Pembrey, 5

8 11th October, Oulton Park (International), 4

9 November, Day into Night, 6

Total Race hours 59[/quote]

Quick update.. just received this from Paul Rose (series Director)..
so now theres to be a mad rush on to see if we can get an entry.. the team (ABBEY Motorsport) have 2 cars.. fingers crossed..


Please find attached the January 2008 newsletter for Fun Cup UK. Please
ensure that all members of your team read the attached information.

SPA 25 HOURS 2008

As you are all probably aware, I recently emailed regarding the UK's quota
for the 25 hour race at Spa this season and expressed my disappointment with
the situation. However, having just returned from a meeting with the Belgian
organisers, I am hoping that our quota may be increased slightly. All teams
that wish to compete at the 25 hours of Spa this year MUST complete the
online registration form IMMEDIATELY, in order to receive important updates
regarding this matter. I am expecting to have news by the close of business

If you are an individual driver/driver who is not required to fill in the
Registration Form (see newsletter) and you wish to hire a seat/car with JPR
Motorsport Ltd for the Spa 25 hour race, confirmation of your place can only
be given once we receive a deposit for the event. To do this, please call me
ASAP on 01538 306921.


We will be holding a track day at Oulton Park International on Friday 29th
February, for anyone who wishes to test a Fun Cup car. No race licence is
required. For further information please call me on the number below, or
email roxie@funcup.co.uk.

Kindest regards

Paul Rose
Series Director[/quote]

Quick update on the entry situation for this years race..

Received this from Car owner, Ian..
[quote]Hi Mate
As Pete said its all a bit of a muddle. When I know more I will let you know.
Hopefully we will get an entry but I am not so sure about the Abbey cars

Then i got this from HQ!
[quote]Dear Team Manager/Competitor,

SPA 25 HOURS 2008 AND 2009

Owing to the quota given to us this year for the Spa 25 hour race and it's
immense popularity, there will be a qualification system for Spa 25 hours in
2009 and beyond. The qualification will be based on the races your car enters for all UK
rounds in 2008 and will work as follows:

1) Cars that have competed in every UK round in 2008 will have priority and
will be given first refusal for Spa 2009.

2) The qualification will then allow cars that have missed one UK race, but
have competed in all others, to enter (after teams that did every race).

The qualification will continue in this manner. I.e. priority will be as
follows (point 1 is highest priority).

1. Cars that competed in all UK races
2. Cars that only missed one UK race
3. Cars that only missed two UK races
4. Cars that only missed three UK races

Please note that it is the car that qualifies, not individual drivers.


All of our UK race dates are now final. (visit
http://www.funcup.co.uk/calendar01.asp to see more Fun Cup race dates)


All UK race entry fees are now on-line (see UK Entry Form on www.funcup.co.uk ).
Please be aware that all entries for UK races will be allocated on a first come, first served
basis, due to the large number of cars that we now have in the UK. You must have
completed the "Team Registration 2008" on the website www.funcup.co.uk, before we
can accept any entries for the UK races. Individual drivers and hire drivers can also
register on-line, at no cost. This will ensure that you will receive all important information.

Paul Rose
Series Director[/quote]
So as yet i am still unsure if we will be at SPA, but as we did all of last years rounds, i wonder if that gives us some priority with this years entry?
Phew.. what a relief

[quote]Organizers’ increased the UK entry provision from 15 to over 20, so we and Abbey both now have an entry


[quote]Teams of between 2 and 8 drivers will take part in Endurance Races lasting from 3 – 25 hours. Whilst designed to provide drivers with maximum track time, the length of time each driver will compete, will depend upon the duration of the race.

The series will also provide teams with the opportunity to race in events held on famous European circuits, such as the prestigious Spa Francorchamps 25 hour race, Zolder, Magny-Cours, Monza, Dijon and Nurburgring.

Racing Calendar United Kingdom 2008
Date Circuit Duration
26th April 2008 Mondello Park International 6 Hours

17th/18th May 2008 Croft 2 x 3 Hours

14th June 2008 Anglesey International 5 Hours

12th/13th July 2008 Spa 25 Hours

24th August 2008 Snetterton 4 Hours

6th September 2008 Pembrey 6 Hours

11th October 2008 Oulton Park International 4 Hours

Racing Calendar Germany 2008
Date Circuit Duration
29th/30th March 2008 Oschersleben 6 Hours

16th/17th April 2008 Hockenheim-Ring 5 Hours

12th/13th July 2008 Spa-Francorchamps 25 Hours

22nd/23rd August 2008 Sachsenring 6 Hours

19th/20th September 2008 Spa-Francorchamps 6 Hours

18th/19th October 2008 Oschersleben 6 Hours

31st October/1st November 2008 Nurburgring 6 Hours

Racing Calendar Belguim 2008
Date Circuit Duration
28th/29th/30th March 2008 Francorchamps 6 Hours

2nd/3rd/4th May 2008 Dijon 6 Hours

17th/18th May 2008 Zolder 6 Hours

14th/15th June 2008 Colmarberg 6 Hours

10th/11th/12th/13th July 2008 Francorchamps 25 Hours

19th/20th/21th September 2008 Francorchamps 6 Hours

1st/2nd November 2008 Nurburgring 5 Hours

Racing Calendar France 2008
Date Circuit Duration
19th/20th April 2008 Dijon 8 Hours

17th/18th May 2008 Magny Cours 12 Hours

7th/8th June 2008 Castellet 15 Hours

12th/13th July 2008 Spa-Francorchamps 25 Hours

13th/14th September 2008 Val de Vienne 8 Hours

4th/5th October 2008 Nogaro 8 Hours

25th/26th October 2008 Ledenon 8 Hours

Racing Calendar Italy 2008
Date Circuit Duration
12th/13th April 2008 Adria 4 Hours

3rd/4th May 2008 Dijon 6 Hours

21st/22nd June 2008 Adria/Vallelunga TBA

12th/13th July 2008 Spa-Francorchamps 25 Hours

26th/27th July 2008 Varano 4 Hours

13th/14th September 2008 Misano 4 Hours[/quote]

Good opportunity to gain your national B licence..


We will be holding an ARDS day at Oulton Park, on Saturday 23rd February.
For those of you that do not know, an ARDS day means that if you do not have a competition race licence and you want to go racing, this is the perfectway to get your licence!

To obtain your race licence you need to complete a theory, medical and practical - to make this easier for you, all three will take place on Saturday 23rd February. At the end of the day - you can walk away with your national B race licence.

This is a great opportunity, if you want to take your first steps into the world of motor racing. For further information, or to book, please call me on 01538 306921 ASAP, to reserve your space. Please note, places are limited,
so ring now to avoid disappointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards

Paul Rose
Series Director
Fun Cup UK
Blackwood Farm
Leek Old Road
ST13 8PW
Tel 01538 306921
Fax 01538 306919
Mob 0790 9990699



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Edington Mains
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Posted 28 June 2008 - 08:38


well its two weeks away for us now .. the biggest race of the season.. and i cant describe how much im looking forward to this one.. ok its less of an adventure as i did it last year, however.. a little older and wiser now...
I dont know how many of you would be interest in all this.. currently i have promises of visits on Friday and Saturday from a couple of Belgians, who, when they are not falling out with each other (Laurel and Hardy?) will probably take some unsavory pictures of me at work.. (there'll be non of me asleep though...) But with the DTM on at Zandvoort on Sunday chances are they'll bugger off there, Also theres a slight threat of one or two Germans calling in on their way past to that, so a reasonable meeting of fellows, what!

As i wont be back from the land of Muscles,Fries and Mayonaise till Friday the week after, i suppose ill have to wait to see what sort of reaction is created, but im sure that Greg and Stan (The Belgians) will be posting pictures and results on the web soon after...

http://www.connell-r...o... 2 2007.jpg

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Posted 28 June 2008 - 10:02

cool :up:

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Posted 10 April 2009 - 08:48

Just to try and re-ignite some interest in this great series...Thought id just spread a little news here..

Had a newsletter this morning..

2009: A new “greener” race car

Connell Racing with Team “Cuisine de France” is delighted to announce that they will be racing a new VW Fun Cup TDI for the 2009 race season.

New and exciting to the Fun Cup for 2009 is the introduction of the TDI diesel car with engine produced by Volkswagen. The actual car is the same as a petrol engine Fun Cup car, with the exception of the VW TDI diesel engine.

Fun Cup is the first motor racing series in the UK and Europe to be promoting the use of the environmentally friendly TDI engine in its racecars. They are a 1900cc TDI, 160 bhp, VW diesel engine, produce approximately 30 % less pollution, 40 % less noise, and emit no visible smoke from the exhausts.

The Fun Cup TDI diesel engines are a step forward in motorsport technology. They are powerful, clean and “green”. This means that they have low amounts of sulphur in the diesel fuel and burn the cleaner fuel, which discharges less nitrogen oxide. They also have a lower emission of carbon dioxide and are less damaging to the environment.

But we are still awaiting a confirmation on who is running the car....

Abbey Motorsport who ran the car so well in 2007 and 2008 has sadly decided not to run any cars in the 2009, which is a shame. Thanks you to Tony, Will and all the team for their efforts over the last two years.

We are currently talking to three other Fun Cup teams about the prospects of running with them in 2009 and should have a new team sorted within the next couple of weeks


Had another e-mail announcing .. well read it yourselves!

I have agreed a deal with Peter Mansell at Solutions racing, based near
Witney, to run us in 2009.


We have ordered a new deisel TDI for the season. The hope is we will
sell our old car to a new team (novices) for 2009 who are also going to
be running with Solutions Racing.

Solutions will also be running a third car the CCS Media Group - Car No
:248 that they ran in 2008

Regards, Ian

This is our car with Solutions racing existing car close behind...
Posted Image

(One of Jasons Pictures!)
The Livery and the Sponsors will all be the same although im not sure if Ian will 'design it up' a bit so it looks similar to the other car, but it will be predominantly white...
The new number is to be 251..
Posted Image
Posted Image
Went to Oulton Park yesterday as it was an open test session and a lot of the FunCup guys were there testing the new installation of their Diesel engines.. and some guys were there getting their race licenses sorted..

Fair mix of cars on the track...
Posted Image

Solutions racing were there too.
They ran a single car in the funcup last year and this year will be running our new car in place of Abbey Motorsport... But, they will also be running our old car too..
the 190 car has been sold and Solutions are going to prep it for the guys (who were there yesterday testing it) who bought it.. so, as well as our new car, our old car will be on the same team...
so i was getting asked about it yesterday... to be honest im quite pleased its not gone too far away..
However it looks weired with no livery...
Posted Image
Posted Image

The guys seem really professional and together and are really on top of their game as far as car prep is concerned..so it should be a good year!

RE: http://www.youtube.com/thefuncup

Please visit http://www.youtube.com/thefuncup , to see our fantastic new Fun Cup site on youtube. Throughout 2009, there will be clips of all the Sky Sports TV coverage uploaded after each round, plus insightful driver profiles, amongst other Fun Cup footage. It is fantastic for anyone who may miss any of the footage on Sky and also, great to show sponsors, friends and family.
Kindest regards

Well i have spoken to Ian, the new acr is being tested this week.. and then the new livery will be applied prior to the race at Rockingham on the 4th April..
Any one wishing to come along to punch me in the face are more than welcome to try...
Virgin car!

Rich is doing the livery today. The side windows colours will also flow through...
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Well, what a day..1st race of the Year, brand new car... we won!

Awesome day... feels good to win again after 2 years of 'oh so nearly's'...

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

:flag: ............. Spa 1st lap 2006

Newsletter 3 / 2009
Team “Cuisine de France / SPAR” win Rockingham Motor Speedway six hours.

Team “Cuisine de France / SPAR raced to victory in the first round of the 2009 Fun Cup UK series at Rockingham on Saturday 4th April in their new TDI diesel Fun Cup car run by Solutions Racing.

The new diesel car was tested by Richard at Silverstone on Monday, before Ian and Marc had their first drive in the car in practice on Friday. Richards F1 engineering experience really showed through as he concentrated on the set up work. Sure enough the changes helped the car go quicker, culminating in a stunning 1.37.5 lap in qualifying by Marc to take the fastest time of all 27 cars. However, the actual start grid is drawn from the hat, so we then had to start the race from 25th place!

Ian started the race and had a great start coming by on lap one in a 11th place. Marc tool over for hour two and moved the car into 3rd, while Richard running hour three, took the lead in his stint, when JPR 1 fell foul of a minor collision and dropped some places. They recovered well to 3rd by the end.

Thereafter all three drivers kept up a quick but steady pace to hold the gap to Team RAM in second. However, the car felt so smooth to drive that by the end of the six hours we had actually extended our lead to over a lap, when Richard took the chequered flag. We took the 2nd fastest lap of the race.

This was our first race victory since Croft in 2007 and the first ever-Fun Cup victory for Solutions Racing and the first ever race win for a Fun Cup diesel TDI car.

Thanks to Pete, Steve, all the Solutions Team who did a fantastic job running and preparing the car.

Thanks also to Marvin, Mike and Nick from Connell Racing for their help on the pit wall and refueling.

2009 Fun Cup
Fun Cup is the first motor racing series in the UK and Europe to be promoting the use of the environmentally friendly TDI engines. They are a 1900cc TDI, 160 bhp, VW diesel engine, produce approximately 30 % less pollution, 40 % less noise, and emit no visible smoke from the exhausts.

The Fun Cup TDI diesel engines are a step forward in motorsport technology. Powerful, clean and “green”, they have low amounts of sulphur in the diesel fuel and burn cleaner and discharge less nitrogen oxide. They have a lower emission of CO2 and are less damaging to the environment.

TV Coverage
The race will be televised on Sky Sports and Motors TV in a few weeks. I will advise you of the transmission dates when I have them.

2009 Fun Cup Long Distance race dates
2nd May 2009 Snetterton (Norfolk) 5 Hours
13th June 2009 Brands Hatch (Kent) 4 Hours
11th/12th July 2009 Spa 25 Hour (Belgium) 25 Hours
29th August 2009 Anglesey (Wales) 6 Hours
12th September 2009 Donington Park (Derby) 7 Hours
17th October 2009 Oulton Park (Cheshire) 4 Hours


And we will hopfully see one or two more Forum Junkies during the year..
suppose they will make an effort now we are a race winning team again!

our old car was being run by the same team... seems strange to see it...

Posted Image

Painted black!
2nd May 2009 Snetterton (Norfolk) 5 Hours 13th June 2009 Brands Hatch (Kent) 4 Hours 11th/12th July 2009 Spa 25 Hour (Belgium) 25 Hours 29th August 2009 Anglesey (Wales) 6 Hours 12th September 2009 Donington Park (Derby) 7 Hours 17th October 2009 Oulton Park (Cheshire) 4 Hours