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Ferrari Dino 246

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#1 David J Jones

David J Jones
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Posted 24 September 2000 - 17:09

Top my knowledge the only F1 Ferrari accorded the above title was the 1958 car. None of these to my knowlwdge still exist although there were rumours that Mike Hawthorn's championship car had been given to his mother by Enzo Ferrari

I remember the 1959 car being referred top as the Dino 256 so how come the 1960 car is nowadays referred to as a Dino 246?

Anybody throw any light on this?


#2 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 24 September 2000 - 21:26

THe car raced through most of 1958 had bore and stroke of 85x71mm, giving total capacity of 2417.3cc. At monza, an experimental engine appeared with 86x71mm, giving 2474.5cc. Using the Ferrari numbering system of the time, these would be 246 and 256 respecively. THe larger engine was used through most of 1959, but in 1960 they reverted to the smaller one. To make matters eeven less simple, the rear engined car which appeared at monaco in 1960 had an engine of 86.4x71mm, giving 2497.6cc

#3 Don Capps

Don Capps
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Posted 24 September 2000 - 22:22

As Roger has hinted at, it is not that simple. At the factory, they still referred to them as the 'Dino 246' even when the press called them the '256.' This is not too out of the ordinary for the period and there is nothing that -- as Roger and I both know -- beating your head against a wall for a few hours can't cure....

#4 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 01 October 2000 - 11:27

If it makes you feel better, Ian 'Sam' Johnson built a replica using bits from the 246 Dino road car... lovely thing, has been thrashing it around for about twenty years now. Saw it at Wakefield Park the other week, running around in the rain .... and hail!