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Another possibilty to make the step from karting to the single seaters = Formula 16

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Posted 01 March 2008 - 14:09

"Formula 16", the obvious sequel...

During the past 5 years, the Belgian Championship Formula Renault 1.6 played a big role in
allowing young pilots to take their first steps in racing. It is no coincidence that talents likeJérôme
D’Ambrosio, Bertrand Baguette and Maxime Soulet have started their carreer in this class before
really taking off.

In 2008, and this for at least 3 years, the concept will slightly change, but the same cars will be
Under the new name "Formula 16", the goal will remain the same: provide opportunities to young
pilots to launch themselves in an accessible and affordable single-seater class.
"We are currently finalising the regulations," explains William Watté, owner of Talent Promotion
Belgium and promotor of the new class, "but we can already reveal some of the changes."
The first big novelty is that the cars will run on Bridgestone tyres this year. This provides a new
challenge for the existing teams to find the perfect setup again; it allows new teams to start at the
same level of the rest.

The second change is that the races will now be run together with the Formula Gloria. The final
ranking will be completely separate and there even might be 2 separate start-grids, but putting more
cars on the track simultaneously, will create more interesting races for the spectators.
The biggest surprise however is in the calendar, because there are actually 2 of them. There will be
a "Belgian Challenge" of 6 races (3 weekends) and a "Dutch Trophy" of 8 races (4 weekends). The
calendars allow the same pilot to run both series. At the end of the year, the points of all 14 races
will be added up to determine who wins the "Overall Formula 16" title.

The calendars:

Belgian Championship:
29-30 March Francorchamps
17-18 May Zolder
5-6 July Colmarberg (Luxemburg)

Dutch Trophy:
14-15 June Zandvoort
2-3 August Zandvoort
12-13 September Oschersleben (Germany)
18-19 October Zandvoort

The races will be open for European license holders of 15 years and older. More information will be
posted in due time on the new website www.formula16.be . Interested pilots can also find the
coordinates of teams on this site or they can contact the organisation by e-mail: info@formula16.be


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Posted 01 March 2008 - 14:13

The Formula 16 closed a deal with Forix.com, world's biggest
online database of autosport statistics. Not only will Forix.com cover
all Formula 16 results in its database, every pilot participating in
championship will get a full year free access to the complete database.

Since long, FORIX is the most comprehensive F1 results & information
service in the world, with endless data, stats and charts from every
Grand Prix and on every driver, team, engine or tyre ever to enter an
event. Since the Formula 16 is an entry class into the autosport,
chances are that a future Formula 1 pilot will start here. Therefore,
was agreed that all statistics of the Formula 16 will be covered in the

To allow the young talents to follow their own evolution, as well as
compare themselves with their own idol in the Formula 1, each of them
participating in the championship this year will get a full year free
access to the complete database.

This cooperation fully fits in the strategy of both organisations,
aiming at the promotion and further development of the autosport in
general and the Formula classes in particular.

For more information, visit www.formula16.be and www.forix.com

Never To late to subscribe or enter this series!