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F1 Problems

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#1 Formulaonefan

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Posted 09 March 2008 - 11:00

I think We should have between18-20 races maximum, this year is 18 and that is a lot. However I think that some races should stay as long as possible. These include the historic, Silverstone, Monza, Spa, and Monaco however something needs to be done to improve overtaking there, very unlikey though. Circuits that are good enough to stay for a while include, Brazil, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Spain
I don't know about Singapore and Valencia so no comment for now. Hungary needs to go. Suzuka should be there no doubt, lets see how a dry fuji looks, but no doubt I would keep Suzuka, on top. It should always be there. However what needs to be done is improve overtaking such power to pass, like Champ car, what are your ideas please post.


#2 alfa1

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Posted 09 March 2008 - 14:58

Originally posted by Formulaonefan
I think We should...

I see you only registered recently, but surely even you must realize by now that this topic has been done to death already. Is it worth another thread?

In any case, you may think its ok to demand that some circuits remain eternally as Formula 1 events, but have you had any pity for the people who have to *pay* the cost for your dreams? All those poor hardworking taxpayers who would have to fork out all those extra millions to keep you happy?