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Oz GP on SPEED tv

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Posted 14 March 2008 - 14:29

Originally posted by montoya_fanatic
Rage2..Pretty interested to hear about how the practice and the race will look like on Speed HD

For those of us that will only see in SD on regular Speed pls tell us how did the practice look in detail. I know you've seen the HD sports like NASCAR, how did it compare????

Pls let us know this whole weekend how it looks...


Nascar is in full HD, so it doesn't even compare. Nascar destroys F1 in image quality.

The best way to describe the widescreen HD broadcast... do you watch American Idol? If so, during the early rounds, they show the auditions in full HD (what Nascar would look like). Sometimes they'll go out and interview friends and family away from the set, where they use consumer grade portable HD cams. That's widescreen SD quality, what F1 looks like.

It's definately an upgrade from 4:3 SD, but F1 definately needs to bump up to full HD.