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Last Snetterton Formula Ford Restival 1975

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#1 petestenning

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 16:06

Snetterton being quite long and wide it could take huge grids for the festival here is heat 1 of the 1975 , see how many you know went on to do well and those who stalled at the lower levels .

heat 1 of 4
1- Robert Vicker/VD RF74
2-Kenny Gray/ VD RF 75
3-Rob Orford/ VD RF75
4-Duncan Hall/Hawke DL11/12
5-Lou de Marco/Hawke DL12
6-Ted Whitbourn/Merlym MK11/17
7-Rob Wicken/Merlyn MK17A
8-John Stutley/Merlyn MK20A
9-John Conway/Merlyn MK20A
10-Chris Garraway/Merlyn MK24
11-Bernard Vermillio/Merlyn MK29
12-Vern Parker/Elden MK10C
13-Divina Galica/Elden MK17
14-Janet McPherson/Lotus 61
15-Mick Daglish/Lotus 61
16-Michael Roe/Crossle 25F
17-Peter Foulger/Crossle 25F
18-Chris Skellern/Crossle 30F
19-Mike Blanchet/Crossle 30F
20-Edward Johnson/Dulon LD9
21-Thiago Assis/Dulon MP15C
22-David McPherson/Dulon MP17
23-Martine Wood/Royale RP16
24-Kim Lall/Royale RP16/21
25-Peter Krefel/Royale RP21
26-Peter White/Royale RP21
27-Robin Maydew/Alexis MK18B
28-Eric Horsfield/Alexis MK23B
29-Peter Ramella/Mistrale Ray
30-Tim Wallwork/Titan MK6A
31-David Mc Clelland/Nike
32-Paul Nightingale/Pallliser WDF3[1ST RES]
33-Stephen Walker/Image FF2[2ND RES


#2 Andrew Kitson

Andrew Kitson
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Posted 20 August 2010 - 16:20

I've always said Snetterton is the home of Formula Ford, not Brands. FF cars first raced at Snetterton, June 11th 1967 ( nine of them ) and the first cars were Norfolk built. Most of the cars were East Anglian too..Lotus, Merlyn, Royale..With the FF Festival starting at Snett in 1972 and the most successful FF manufacturer of all ( Van Diemen ) being Snett based, I rest my case!

#3 petestenning

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 16:27

Heat 2 of 4
41-Pual Frost/VD RF74
42-Jerry Nichols/VD RF74
43-Robin Green/ VD RF74
44-Miki Dee/ VD RF74
45-Neil Williamson/ VD RF74
47-Glenn Eagling/VD RF74
48-Julian Clark/Royale RP3
49-David Wheeler/Royale RP16
50-Dave Edge/Royale RP16/21
51-Rad Dougall/Royale RP21
52-John Bright/Royale RP21
53-Bryan Gowans/Merlyn MK11
54-Ray Turner/Merlyn MK17/24
55-Tony Rivers/Merlyn MK24
56-Tiff Needell/Crossle 25F
57-John Poxon/Crossle 25F
58-Michael Pilgrim/Dulon LD4C
59-Tony Pollock/Dulon MP15
60-John Stevens/Dulon MP17
61-Ian Beech/Tiatn MK6
62-Robert Coates/Hawke DL11
63-Peter Ambrose/Mirage MK5
64-Mike King/Lola T342
65-Eddie Stapleton/Lotus 61
66-Mike Thompson/Rostron CT75
67-Fred Sigafoos/Jamun T3C
68-Paul Morton/Alexis MK24B
69-Phillip Bullman/Reynard RF75
70-Mike Wallaker/Jomic MK2
71-Jack Hemming/Nordic MK7
72-Brian Lennon/Hawke DL11[1ST RES]
73-Richard Peirce/Elden MK17[2ND RES]

#4 Phil Rainford

Phil Rainford
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Posted 20 August 2010 - 17:08

Two GP drivers and a Can Am Champion so far ...... :)


#5 Ian Smith - Diz

Ian Smith - Diz
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Posted 20 August 2010 - 23:22

Heat 2 of 4
72-Brian Lennon/Hawke DL11[1ST RES]
73-Richard Peirce/Elden MK17[2ND RES]

72 is Brian Lennox - not Lennon.
At the time a Petrol Station and Garage owner from South Dublin.
Nowadays runs a Guest House on the Sussex coast.

#6 petestenning

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 06:29

Ian You are right my typo there should be Lennox.

Heat 3 0f 4

81-Keith Sayer/Hawke DL2B
82-Brian Simms/Hawke DL11
83-John Lewis/Hawke DL11
84-Bob Styles/Hawke DL11
85-Derek Warwick/Hawke DL12
86-Rick Morris/Hawke DL12
87-Jim Walsh/Hawke DL12
88-Mondello RDS[TBN]/Crossle
89-Colin Shaw/Crossle 25F
90-Grahame Tilley/Crossle 25F
91-Rod Bremner/Crossle 30F
92-Derek Daly/Crossle 30F
93-David Kemp/Merlyn
95-David Wigdor/Merlyn MK20
96-Freddie Jacks/Merlyn MK20A
97-TBN/VD RF75
98-Nigel Wright/VD RF74
99-David Bliss/VD RF74
100-Paul Clark/Lola T200
101-Brian Turner/Lola T342
102-Clive Broughton/Ray 73F
103-Kieth Waters/Ray 73F
104-Tony Dixon/Elden MK10C
105-Rupert Keegan/ Hawke DL15
106-Brian Thompson/Royale RP16
107-Graham Hill/Royale RP16
108-John Peters/Jomic MK3
109-Dan Daly/ Lotus 69
110-Frank Bayes/Im,age FF72
111-Dave Buttigieg/Dulon MP17
112-Peter Morrison/Crossle 25F
113-Phillip Pearce/VD RF75[1ST RES]

#7 petestenning

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 06:44

hEAT 4 OF 4

121-Bob Lambert/Hawke DL11
122-Charlie Wills/Hawke DL11
123-Phil Silverstone/Hawke DL12
124-John Murphy/Hawke DL12
125-Bernard Devaney/Hawke DL12
126-David Harbour/Crossle 20F
127-Phil Dowsett/Crossle 25F
128-Don Sobering/Crossle
129-David Kennedy/Crossle 30F
130-John Scannell/Merlyn MK11A
131-Bill Bulland/Merlyn MK11A
132-Stuart Baird/Merlyn MK24/25
133-John Ballentyne/Merlyn MK25
134-Christopher Pilborough/VD RF74
135-Barry Pickard/ VD RF74
136-TBN /VD RF75
137-Matthew Argenti/VD RF 75
138-Charles Birchenough/Rosrtron CT3
139-Geoff Lees/Royale RP21
140-Geoff Smailes/Royale RP21
141-Tony Foster/Alexis MK15
142-David Whitham/Alexis MK18B
143-Norman Clarke/Lotus 51
144-Mike Littlewood/Lotus 61m
145-Doug Wood/Elden MK10C
146-Syd Fox/Elden MK17
147-Barnaby Holland-Martin/Image FF2
148-Glenn Wallis/GRW
149-Graham Wilson/LoLA t340
150-Peter Warner/Mistrale PW2
151-Richard Wills/MRE 75F
152-Chris Finnegan/VD RF74/75[ST RES]
153-Adrian Reynard/Reynard 76F[2ND RES]