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Posted 23 March 2011 - 19:48

GP2 Asia finished its fourth season coping with difficulties. After the cancellation of Sakhir rounds, a replacement venue was stated at Imola, where Romain Grosjean had a great weekend (despite the Sunday penalty), won on Saturday and was crowned Champion, while his team DAMS won the Teams Championship. Alas, Dani Clos was the Sunday winner. With this, we begin the final report of 2011 GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competiton, starting with the result of Imola round PLUS the ones of the Championship Round:

Results of the Weekend - GP2 Asia Round # 2 Imola (19-20/03/2011)

Poleman = Romain Grosjean

Race 1 (19/03/2011)
Winner = Romain Grosjean
2nd place = Giedo Van der Garde
3rd place = Jules Bianchi
4th place = Michael Herck
5th place = Stefano Coletti
6th place = Fabio Leimer
7th place = Dani Clos
8th place = Fairuz Fauzy
Fastest lap = Romain Grosjean

Race 2 (20/03/2011)
Winner = Dani Clos
2nd place = Fabio Leimer
3rd place = Giedo Van der Garde
4th place = Esteban Gutiérrez
5th place = Michael Herck
6th place = Pål Varhaug
Fastest lap = Romain Grosjean

Results of the GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competition - Round # 2 Imola (20/03/2011)

1 - 12 points = Melendi (TH)
2 - 11 points = esbardo (TH)
3 - 10 points = DAV (TH), Josef1 (CB), p-matt (TT), runshaw (TT)
7 - 9 points = Chaos (TH), kerrmanningjarv (TT), Marcos_F1 (CB), theTardis (AS)
11 - 8 points = Greimito (NA), lolo1977 (CB), pelagra (TH)
14 - 7 points = brucelok2003 (TT), chunterer (TT), Daisy (TT), F1wingwins (TH), renaultargentina (TH), WSR Fan (TT), YUGOV (CB)
21 - 6 points = adrian1310 (TH), BT-44 (CB), kamikaze666 (CB), Lam Pak (TT), Mekola (CB)
26 - 4 points = Makarias (AS), Robbe (TT)
28 - 3 points = artur177 (TT)

2011 GP2 Asia Championship Final Standings (20/03/2011)

Drivers Championship
Champion = Romain Grosjean
2nd place = Jules Bianchi
3rd place = Giedo Van der Garde
4th place = Stefano Coletti
5th place = Fabio Leimer
6th place = Marcus Ericsson
7th place = Davide Valsecchi
8th place = Michael Herck

Teams Championship
Champion = DAMS
2nd place = Lotus ART Grand Prix
3rd place = Barwa Addax Team
4th place = Trident Racing
5th place = iSport International
6th place = Rapax Team

Results of the GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competition - Championship Round (20/03/2011)

1 - 11 points = Daisy (TT), Melendi (TH), YUGOV (CB)
4 - 10 points = Josef1 (CB), kerrmanningjarv (TT), Makarias (AS), pelagra (TH), theTardis (AS), WSR Fan (TT)
10 - 9 points = artur177 (TT), chunterer (TT), p-matt (TT)
13 - 8 points = F1wingwins (TH), kamikaze666 (CB), Mekola (CB)
16 - 7 points = adrian1310 (TH), DAV (TH), Robbe (TT)
19 - 5 points = Ostrogothicus (TT)

Bravo for Melendi (TH), who won the last round of the season! Mention to runshaw (TT), who was the only one who predicted correctly poleman and both race winners.
On Championships Round, Daisy (TT), Melendi (TH) and YUGOV (CB) were the best ones; Daisy did the best pick because she predicted first three of Drivers Championship in correct order. Hooray to them!
Observations of R02 Imola predictions:
- On all predictions, it were considered Filippi x Jakes on driver replacements.
- renaultargentina (TH): Omitted poleman.

With all round results cleared, we present...

The FINAL STANDINGS of the 2011 GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competition (20/03/2011) !!!

1 - 31 points = Melendi (TH)
2 - 30 points = YUGOV (CB)
3 - 28 points = p-matt (TT)
4 - 26 points = kerrmanningjarv (TT), Mekola (CB)
6 - 25 points = Josef1 (CB), pelagra (TH)
8 - 24 points = Daisy (TT)
9 - 23 points = adrian1310 (TH), artur177 (TT), WSR Fan (TT)
12 - 22 points = chunterer (TT)
13 - 21 points = DAV (TH)
14 - 20 points = lolo1977 (CB), Robbe (TT)
16 - 19 points = F1wingwins (TH), kamikaze666 (CB), theTardis (AS)
19 - 17 points = BT-44 (CB)
20 - 16 points = Greimito (NA)
21 - 14 points = brucelok2003 (TT), Makarias (AS), Marcos_F1 (CB)
24 - 12 points = Lam Pak (TT)
25 - 11 points = esbardo (TH)
26 - 10 points = runshaw (TT)
27 - 9 points = Chaos (TH)
28 - 7 points = renaultargentina (TH)
29 - 5 points = Ostrogothicus (TT)

Final Forum Standings after the definition of the Competition (20/03/2011)

1º - ClubF1.es Forum - 118 points
2º - Ten-Tenths.com Forum - 112 points
3º - CarAndDriverTheF1.com - 107 points
4º - Autosport.com Forum - 33 points
5º - Nextgen-Auto.com Forum - 16 points

The fourth edition of the GP2 Asia prediction competition finished with success! And the final rounds decided the destiny of the Competition. Thanks for his round wins at both Imola and Championship rounds, it's Melendi (TH) who is declared the new Champion of 2011 GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competition! He's the winner of this quest for glory and deserves a great applause by all us, after the accuracy he showed on GP2 Asia predictions. CHEERFUL CONGRATULATIONS to him!!! :beer:

And in Forums Championship, we had a surprise: After the excellent score at Abu Dhabi round, it was ClubF1 that got the lead and snatched the title for the first time. Congratulations to all ClubF1 players for their maiden Forums Championship! :beer:

Users can revise the accuracy of their predictions with more detail at this Excel tablesheet:

Defined the final standings, it's turn to show a report about the progress of the forums, and the general stats to look the performances of our concursants of the Competition of this season.


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Posted 23 March 2011 - 19:50

Ramblings about forum progressions in the 2011 GP2 Asia Two Worlds Prediction Competition:

ClubF1: On its third season on Asia series, they claimed their first ever Forums Championship, thanks for the effort of their players. YUGOV was the best of them, as championship runner-up and twice round winner, plus lolo1977 and me as round winners also.

Ten-Tenths: The founder forum of TWPC competitions had a good season, despite not taking Forums Championship this time. Daisy was their only round winner, and the best of the forum was p-matt. They could take their revenge in the GP2 Main TWPC later this year.

CarAndDriverTheF1: The good mood of last year continued in the Asian season, and despite finishing third they got the Champion of the competition, Melendi, who also was round winner two times. It was excellent how they players combined synergy and finished close to the two best forums.

Autosport: At the starting round they were absent, but for the Championship and Sakhir (later Imola) rounds they made some presence. theTardis was their surprise best player. It was their first Asian season and they did not that bad, considering their low presence in the Competition.

Nextgen-Auto: The other debutant in the GP2 Asian prediction competitions had only one player, in the figure of Greimito. He played as he could, but didn't have help from other users. Then they finished on the bottom line into forums.

As a result, despite the GP2 Asia TWPC season was at their minimum ever expression, the Competition did a respectable success with hypes of activity in three of five forums that contested, and breaking the record of number of players at Imola round. And now, we'll start a hiatus until the eve of 2011 GP2 Main Series, with the start of its correspondent 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition, that will be run in the same forums as in 2010, along a probably newcomers. Thus the European season is coming on, and we'll have to prepare to affront it.

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Posted 23 March 2011 - 19:51


Competition Champions:

Competition Champion: Melendi (TH) with 31 points
Forums Champion: ClubF1.es Forum with 118 points

Best concursant of CarAndDriverTheF1: Melendi with 31 points
Best concursant of ClubF1: YUGOV with 30 points
Best concursant of Ten-Tenths: p-matt with 28 points
Best concursant of Autosport: theTardis with 19 points
Best concursant of Nextgen-Auto: Greimito with 16 points

Round Entries:

Champ Round: 19 (TT08, TH05, CB04, AS02, NA00)
R01 Yas Marina: 22 (TT09, CB07, TH05, NA01, AS00)
R02 Imola: 28 (TT10, TH08, CB07, AS02, NA01)

Round Winners:

R01 Yas Marina: lolo1977 (CB), Mekola (CB) and YUGOV (CB) with 12 points
R02 Imola: Melendi (TH) with 12 points
Champ Round: Daisy (TT), Melendi (TH) and YUGOV (CB) with 11 points

Competition Leaders after each round:

R01 Abu Dhabi: lolo1977 (CB), Mekola (CB) and YUGOV (CB) with 12 points, ClubF1.es Forum with 47 points
Final Standings: Melendi (TH) with 31 points, ClubF1.es Forum with 118 points

Hall of Fame:

2004 F3000 TWPC Champion: Daisy (TT) with 89 points
2005 GP2 TWPC Champion: DanFlag (TT) with 121 points
2006 GP2 TWPC Champion: knowlesy (TT) with 116 points
2007 GP2 TWPC Champion: Mekola (VT) with 95 points
2008 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: pericu (TT) with 56 points
2008 GP2 TWPC Champion: SpiritCrusher (GL) with 93 points
2009 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: OJB (TT) with 68 points
2009 GP2 TWPC Champion: kamikaze666 (CB) with 104 points
2009 F2 TWPC Champion: WSR Fan (TT) with 93 points
2010 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: kamikaze666 (CB) with 44 points
2010 GP2 TWPC Champion: IVAN (LA) with 99 points
2011 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: Melendi (TH) with 31 points

and now... a Special Acknowledgement to all 29 concursants who entered at this Competition through this season. But that's not all for now, because very soon we'll see again with the main part, the 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition. Be seeing all you!

:brm: Happy Motoring, and GOOD SHOW! :brm:

Note: For identify reasons, is used the following code, that denotes which forum is used by each concursant to participate here:
(AS) Autosport.com Forum
(CB) ClubF1.es Forum
(NA) Nextgen-Auto.com Forum
(TH) CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum
(TT) Ten-Tenths.com Forum