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Lydstep Hillclimb film clip, Tenby, April 8th, 1950

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#1 Flathead

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Posted 13 May 2011 - 08:57

I am seeking entry list, results list or reports for this event please. It was run by the Tenby Motor Club. I think they used the hill several times a year but it is the April 8th 1950 closed invitation event that is my particular interest.

For others interested in researching this event, I have just digitalised a very short movie clip, which I own and which I have uploaded to U-Tube for everyone's convenience. Identifying the cars is my problem but I would guess there might be a Keift and a Cooper or two ( Norton or Jap), maybe the Wasp-Norton which was running that year and the odd Dellow and or Buckler Ford Special.


#2 HiRich

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Posted 13 May 2011 - 12:37

First proper car through (2") is the Kieft prototype 500 with that wide flat nose. It is making its debut and I believe was driven by Danny Thomas. It was of course constructed pretty much down the road.
Second through (6") looks like the Strang, but I don't have a record for it (most likely it would be owned by Gil Baird at this point). I can't match it to the cars I know.
Car 3 (10") unknown bare chassis. I'm wondering if this might be Jack Moor's Wasp-Norton, which had undergone another regeneration, and had been rolled early in the event.
Car 4: (15") is Bill Cox in his ex-Collins Cooper Mk II
Other 500s I know were present include at least one Arengo and Jack Rowbotham's JLR
Jack Moor (also FTD) won from Bill Cox in class.

#3 Flathead

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Posted 13 May 2011 - 17:42

[quote name='HiRich' date='May 13 2011, 12:37' post='5017448']

Thanks for that info HiRich, it gives me a useful start.

#4 Rupertlt1

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 17:44

Lydstep Hill-Climb

April 17th, 1954. Pembrokeshire MC

Sports cars up to 1100cc U/s: 1, M. Tew (Lotus)

39.6 sec; 2, D. Evans (Nordic) and A.K. Howarth

(AKH), 40.1. 1101-1500cc U/s and 501-1000cc S:

1, C. Threlfall (Turner-Lea-Francis), 35.4 (Class

Record); 2. C. Davies (MG), 35.8; 3, E.J. Newton

(Killeen), 37.2. 1501-2000cc U/s and 1101-1500cc

S: C. Threlfall (Turner-Lea-Francis), 35.2 (Class

Record); 2, J. Moore (Morgan), 35.4; 3, A.E.

Marsh (Dellow), 35.6. 2001-3000cc U/s and 1501-

2000cc S: 1, J. Moore (Morgan), 35.5 (Class

Record); 2, G.L. Corbett (Austin-Healey), 36.4; 3,

J. Bosisto (Triumph), 36.5. Over 3000cc U/s: 1,

J. Moore (Morgan), 35.1 (Class Record); 2, J. Cuff

(Jaguar), 36.4; 3, G.E. Davies (Jaguar), 36.8. Pro-

duction Open MGs: 1. R.H. Parkin (TD S), 37.3

(Class Record); 2, H.E. Hardman (TC), 41.0; 3,

J.F. Thomas (TD), 43.0. Production Saloon Handi-

cap: 1, J. Moore (Morgan), 35.1; 2, J.F. Living-

stone (Standard 8), 48.5; 3, H.A. Thomas (Allard),

41.9. Racing cars up to 500cc: 1, C.A.N. May

(Cooper) 32.5 (Class record). 501-1100cc: A.E.

Marsh (Cooper), 31.6 (BTD); 2, A. Pitt (Cooper),





#5 Rupertlt1

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 18:08


Racing cars, 500cc: D. Boshier-Jones (Kieft) 35.56

Racing cars, 500-1,100cc: C.G. Arengo (Arengo) 33.96

Sports cars, 750-1,100cc: W. Lloyd Edwards (Ford Special) 38.31

Sports cars, 1,101-1,500cc: C.H. Threlfall (Tojeiro-J.A.P.) 36.61

Sports cars, 2,000-3,000cc: K.N. Rudd (Healey) 37.56

Sports cars over 3,000cc: D. Peatfield (Peatfield Special) 35.77

#6 HiRich

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 17:16

April 1954: I believe A Pitt may be an error. It seems likely to be Donald (DC) Pitt, who is known to be running a big Cooper in 1954. It is unlikely to be Alick Pitts, who would appear to be Cooper-less by then (and had only run a 500)

August 1952: I have Boshier-Jones down as 33.56s, FTD (sources Iota, Motorsport, etc. all confirming B-J for FTD despite the bigger cars present), which fits with Arengo (500cc Arengo) 2nd @ 34.86s and Jack Neill (Kieft Mk 1) 3rd @ 38.45s. According to Austen May's Speed Hill Climb, Arengo set 3rd FTD in the 1100cc class with another Arengo chassis, with Cecil Heath (Cooper) setting 2nd FTD, so I don't know what's going on there.

#7 Rupertlt1

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 18:19

April 1954: This is from Motor Racing, June 1954, Page 203.

August 1952: Motor Sport, September 1952, Page 396.

I should have quoted the references.

I've checked and these results are as published - that doesn't make them correct!


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#8 rbm

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 21:04

form Iota May 1950:


....The previous Saturday the Arengos had not been so successful, when

another 120 miles to the West they appeared at Lydstep for the enjoyable

hill climb organised by the Tenby Motor Club on a private drive up the

gently-sloping cliff . Here the J.A .P.-engined car had lost a piston crown,

whilst Bossisto could not do better than third with a climb in 39 secs.

This was beaten by Cox with his Cooper (38 secs .) and his Dellow.

Debutante at Lydstep was the new Kieft, revealed to have a rolled light

alloy channel frame, Vincent engine, double wishbone suspension, the actual

springing being attended to by torsional rubber units of considerable

flexibility, Light alloy wheels with detachable rims bolted to the wheel boss,

a somewhat large body, and a seat providing no sideways location for the

driver are other features.

Best time recorded was 47 seconds, handling on the somewhat bumpy

course not being improved by the fact that a hasty reassembly of the front

suspension had resulted in its being erected with a negative trail. Cyril

Kieft also went away determined to fit shock-absorbers to augment the

natural damping tendencies of the rubber suspension.

J. L. Rowbotham, who had also made the long journey to Wales with

his J.A.P.-engined Fiat-based special, also found his suspension hardworked,

and could not better 47 3/5th secs .