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Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 2000 Season Announced

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#1 dan2k

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Posted 10 February 2001 - 02:33

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 2000 Season Announced

The latest edition of the hugely successful Grand Prix racer comes to the PC and Dreamcast.

Infogrames has just announced plans to release a 2000 Season PC add-on pack and a full Dreamcast version of the Grand Prix 3 2000 game. Geoff Crammond's popular Grand Prix series is famous for its incredibly realistic gameplay, and the development team prides itself on striving to maintain an atmosphere of F1 realism and authenticity. These new titles, due out in the spring, promise to deliver the level of depth in the technical specifications "that Formula One fans demand."
The game marks the continued success of the gaming relationship between Geoff Crammond, who provides the core of the series' physics and gameplay, and the MicroProse MotorSport development team, who provide the 3D engine, graphics and sounds.

This announcement is particularly exciting because it will be first time one of the Geoff Crammond's games has come to a console. Infogrames promises to provide Dreamcast owners with a "new depth in racing games". We'll bring you more information as soon as we have it.

Great news, isnt it? Hopefully it will be better then F1RC, because at the moment F1RC seems to be alot more better overall then GP3.


#2 FlatFoot

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Posted 11 February 2001 - 02:31

How's that old saying go?...oh yeah..."You can't polish a turd"

#3 Eau Red

Eau Red
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Posted 12 February 2001 - 16:27

that's excellent news for me and my dreamcast, but I wonder if this will really happen, since Sega announced they would stop selling the dreamcast in march.

#4 Jecko

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Posted 12 February 2001 - 18:43

Ya too bad it will still encorporate Geoff Crammond's "physics and gameplay"

#5 FlatFoot

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Posted 13 February 2001 - 03:02

spot on Jecko! :stoned: