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Unknown early 1000cc Clubmans car

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#51 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 12 January 2016 - 23:12

Sad, very sad...

I could never have done that!


#52 Mistron

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 19:23

Yes, but better to move on. Sold today and to be replaced with a project I'll get more use from, and hey, I had fun doing the bits I did, and now someone else will have fun with it.


No matter where we are in the old car spectrum, we are only temporary custodians of our toys.



#53 PerigeeRacing1971

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 20:10

Hello to everyone who has posted to this thread


My name is Nickie Rhodes-Hill

My father was Peter Rhodes  ... the designer of the Perigee C car which won the formula 1200 championship in 1971.


I have read through the post on this thread.  Graham2 was completely correct about my parents moving to Spain .. and I am sure I have met Graham2 but cannot recall.  my parents moved to Spain in 1989.  Sadly he passed away in 2012.   


Back in the day .. My father raced with Ray Mallock, Angelo Farina and so many others .. I still have pieces of fibreglass of cars that crashed during races.


For anyone interested .. we have every single piece designwork of the design for the original car including the steering wheel.


he won the 1971 formula 1200 championship and following that he sold the car to Chris Kite who lived in the Reading area at the time 


I have photos of me as a very young child climbing over the chassis.  I grew up at at Silverstone every weekend from the age of 6 weeks old running up and down the railway sleepers used to create the stands.  plus the Texaco bridge where you could see the cars racing down the original start straight .. watching right through the sleepers.  and who could forget the "wonderful" toilets .. people who go Glastonbury or Reading Festival havent a clue .. however .. I ended up being a Texaco Grid girl for the BritishGrand Prix for many years.


We have as much provenance as anyone would need to know about the origins and design of the the car


please feel free to ask any questions

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#54 PerigeeRacing1971

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 20:14

Peter Rhodes c.1962 - was this the car sold recently on eBay, or perhaps the one he raced before?



#55 PerigeeRacing1971

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 20:19

I just remembered I sent a copy of the results to Allan to hosto on his website. You'll find the link in this earlier thread:



Pedigree C was runner up in '70, and winner in '71



Yes My father was the runner up in 1970 and won in 1971 and then retired due to the race entry charges changing .. he never got over that happening xx

#56 PerigeeRacing1971

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Posted 30 October 2016 - 11:58

Thank you Graham2 for such a lovely comment about my father .. He was very passionate about racing and I think when he retired from Club racing he never really found something to replace it .. even Karting.!!  





I knew Mr Peter Rhodes before he emigrated to Spain in the late 1980's from South Oxfordshire. 

He was the Formula 1200 Champion in 1971 with Perigee C.  The motor was a 100e, 1172cc side valve. When the next generation of 1200cc OHV engines came in, they made it too costly and loads left the formula including Peter.

He was something of an electronics expert back then and devised his own electronic ignition systems.

After a break from racing he returned to compete in 100 National kart racing in the early 1980's and once again he devised his own electronic ignition system for the 100c Komet K88 motor. When the ignition was turned on it let off a high pitched whistle which often made him the centre of attention on the dummy grid. At one event the spark plug used was without the tang and it still ran thanks to his electronic ignition.

He drove a Mk1 Cortina with a 1500 engine on a 1200 gearbox so it could tow his race car. Never forgotten when towing the big trailor, I was a passenger,  we went round this corner at 55mph using all the road and he said I think we can get round there at 60mph next time. Happy days, a really nice, clever chap.