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Black and white and subscription to threads

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#1 MatsNorway

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 13:23


I would encourage the use of less black and white thinking regarding bans. One forum i know have variable ban times. Depending on the users past history or the severity of offence etc. They had as long as a year ban.

ofc given this forum is so large overall i understand the ease of just permabanning users. But on the technical forum that can be a serious strike to the users being regulars.

My biggest issue however is the completely useless subscribers system. I know its in here somewhere and i have added threads to it... But u can`t seem to find it back. And that alone is enough to make anyone think. Is this really as easy as it should be?

I am a member of more forums that i can count the ease of organising and following up old posts and threads is of importance for me. And if the technical forum where not in possession of such great users with wast knowledge about just about anything i would not have stayed for a single day..
The racing forum rarely provides more than pictures to me, in total the racing forum is too crowed ++ and the subscription system is horrible. Subscriptions should be next to my controls or in a drop down meny from there where most forums got them.

More sub forums withing racing forum or some sort of chance that makes the threads more separated is desirable.

Going from forum and into the subcategories like technical forum works flawless. And it think its this that has made the regulars on the technical forum and the other smaller sub categories stay for a long time.

I suggest looking into splitting F1 and other racing series into separate subcategories as a start. Perhaps also one about tracks.

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#2 Sin

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 14:33

Oh on the point of subforums I agree... the overview gets easily lost.... dividing it in several subforums would help alot there